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Good Smoke Vs Bad Smoke

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  1. neumsky
    Make sure your wood is seasoned... probably 6 months or more... than make sure your wood is burning...not smoldering.
  2. meateater
    When the fire truck shows up it's 50/50.......left it's a fire hose, right it's dinner plate.
  3. deerfire
    OK, how do you make sure you get the nija stuff?
  4. michael ark
    What he said.
  5. tjohnson
    The smoker on the left is an example of nasty white billowing smoke, filled with creosote and other chemicals. This smoke will make your food taste bitter.
    The smoker on the right is an excellent example of Thin Blue Smoke. It has a bluish gray appearance. TBS is also called "Ninja Smoke". You may not see it, but you can smell it.