I wasn't sure where to post this so mods feel free to move it. I love Giardiniera and after eating the last jar I wanted to make my own. Why ya ask, #1 cost, #2 ingredients to my liking and making it my own. I used all raw ingredients except for the pepperoncini peppers which I drained from the jar. So here's the list. I'll check it here and there until I think it's ready. Maybe I'll toss a habanero or two in there later on.

Sliced jalapenos.

Sliced yellow wax peppers.

Sliced red bell peppers.

Pepperocini peppers (drained).

Sliced carrots.

Sliced celery.

Sliced pickling cucumbers.

One head of cauliflower.

Fresh pearl onions.

Whole cloves of garlic to taste.

Distilled water.

Kosher salt.

Tarragon and red wine vinegar to taste. (very mild)