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  1. Describe 'Galvanized' here

    I'm new to smoking, I'm trying  to go cheap is galvanized OK to use and if the tank is galvanized and painted how can tell

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  1. exhaustedspark
    Put the word galvanized i you search engine and check out the wikipedia site. I know we used to use galvanized wire and tanks because we just did not know any better. I know it is zinc. Electroplating and it give off a fume when burning that is poisenious. However i have heard and read that one can burn it of and i have always assumed that this was correct but i realy do not know for sure.
    I wish i could help you more.
  2. exhaustedspark
    Galvanized is very dangorous do not use it. It reacts with heat and gets into the meat wich get in to you. Poision.
  3. mrted
    Galvanized is NOT food-safe! I don't know exactly what the problem is, I think it's zinc fumes or something nasty like that.