I've been asked for info on how I roll my fattys. Well here goes.

1. You get yourself a one gallon zip-lock baggy and a 1-lb sausage chub. Put the chub in the baggy.

2. Either use you hand or use a rolling pin and spread the chub around in the baggy.

3. This is what it should look like after you smoosh it around in the baggy, square and even.

4. Now cut the bag around the edges with either scissors or a sharp knife.

5. Remove the top piece of baggy and discard.

6. Layout a piece of wax paper.

7. I carefully flip my flat fatty over onto the wax paper and remove the rest of the baggy.

8. Begin putting your inerds on the flat fatty.

9. Grab the wax paper and start your roll. Keep the wax paper tight against the fatty working the roll over your inerds.

10. Sometimes your inerds may get ahead of you, that's when a third hand comes in handy. Besure as you are rolling to try and keep the wax paper tight with the fatty.

11. As your fatty is being rolled be sure to unwind the wax paper as you go so it does not get wound up in your fatty.

12. Lay out a piece of plastic and lay the fatty on it length ways and wrap it up with the plastic and leave enough plastic on the ends to grab ahold of.

13. Grab ahold of the ends and roll in one direction so that you are tightening the ends of the plastic around the ends of the fatty.

14. There you have your fatty.

15. If you are goin to wrap it in bacon. Layout your bacon on wax paper. It's seems to be easier to use thick bacon but a lot prefer thin.

16. Set your fatty at the edge of the bacon and roll your fatty making sure the bacon comes with it as you roll.

17. I then lay out another piece of plastic wrap and do number 13 again.

There, I hope it understandable. Oh yea, I forgot, my wife said to make sure that I give her credit for the photography.
Thank you wife.