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Cooking Log

By pops6927, Nov 11, 2013 | |
  1. From Tulsa Jeff:

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    I had someone ask about this so I decided to post it here. If you need it in the future, just do a search for "Cooking Log" and it should come right up.

    It is attached to this post.

    Jeff Phillips | SmokingMeatForums.com Founder

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  1. ragilmore
    Jeff, thanks for the PDF - will make good use of it in the future cooks. I had done one in Excel, find yours to provide for most all that one needs to compile a good record of each item cooked, again Thank You!
  2. workedtheworld
    My pdf viewer would not decode the boxes contents, and they were all blank.  I'll try again in the future.
  3. bill fusion
    Thanks Jeff for making the log sheets available.  They are most comprehensive and I look forward to using and learning from them.
  4. 801driver
    Nifty, I am scrounging through this site thinking about new recipes I want to try, what changes I want to make to improve my smokes, and how I will remember what I actually do.  I can print out a recipe, pre-fill out most of my plan at times like now with the extra cold WX outside,  then pull out my worksheet when ready and log how it goes.  Thanks   Ken Duncan
  5. bigsmoken
    Jeez Jeff I gotta say thanks..I was trying to come up with my own log and bam here is yours that is I gotta admit better than mine...I already downloaded them and they will be put to use thats for sure. Thanks again
  6. bgolden49
    Jeff,  thanks for creating this Smoker's Log sheet.  I have always kept notes on my smoking, but you have include some important info that I have overlooked.
    Thanks again
    Bill Golden
  7. raven
    Jeff I like the layout but changed it a little because I only use my fec  for cooking . when experimenting with new recipes ether from someone or making it up as I go it helps to know what you did so if it was good you can duplicate it, if not you know what changes to make next time.( I hate hearing "this doesn't taste as good as you made it last time") consistency is the name of the game. also I staple the recipe to the back with exactly what I put in it with notes on order of assembly ( I guess a recipe form would be in order to make this easy) hint, hint. anyway thanks for the time you put in this and sharing. raven