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Chicken And Rice

By kwats4, Apr 21, 2012 | |
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    OK lets see here.

    5-7 lbs chicken smoked whole your way.

    deboned and cut into chucks when cooled, throw carcass, bones and skin into a pot and 1 chopped onion, 10-15 whole pepper corns and H2O to cover, bring to boil and reduce to simmer for 1 hr. strain out all pieces and reserve.

    2 med onions chopped

    1 lg bell pepper

    jalapenos or Serrano peppers to your taste. I sliced 10-12 Serrano's with the seeds and membranes.

    You might want to roast the peppers first then place into zip bag and let them steam 15 mins then remove skin from pepper and chop.

    make a rue with 4 Tbs butter or oil and 4 Tbs flour

    saute onions,peppers

    in the pan you made the rue, add 3 cups chicken broth and whisk, it will thicken. Add thickened stock to onions and peppers, incorporate

    It should be thickening more at this point. add 2 more cups of chicken stock and 1.5 cups of rinsed rice. You may need to add more stock. This needs to be stirred so the rice doesn't sit on the bottom of the pot and stick. When rice is done add the cut up chicken to the pot and stir.

    Now if you have not been seasoning to taste yet then you can do it now. kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper. If more heat is needed you can add cayenne. but you want to get that little heat to show up at the back of your throat. Not burning but just a little hot. you will know when you get here.

    Just simmer very lightly at this point, It should be a very silky smooth sauce at this time, Just keep stirring every 5 mins or it will stick. 

    You will know when its time to get a bowl. Enjoy!!

    This reheats very well also. Ken

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  1. kathleen gefre
    what kind of rice do you use it looks like an arborio, for risotto, does it stay creamy, and saucy or should it be dry when you're finished?