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  1. How To Post Multiple Images From Photobucket

    How to Post Multiple Images to SMF From Photobucket... 1 : Go to Photobucket and check the images you want to download. 2: Copy This Code. 3: Click on Source. 4: This Is What HTML Looks Like. 5: Paste Your HTML Code. 6: Then Your Images Should Show Like This.
  2. Fattie Piston

    The piston idea belongs to a talented smoker named Grillinski. He made one awhile back using a wooden disc and the shaft of an arrow. I made mine using pvc...... For the stuffing I made some corned beef hash, by frying onions and garlic and potatoes then adding corned beef......then added cheese and minced jalapenos.... I used pvc for the whole piston... cut a pvc disc to fit the tube, attached a pvc cap to fit the palm of my hand. I put my cooled corned beef stuffing into the tube and...
  3. Cooking Whole Hogs Underground

    Cooked a pig this weekend during deer camp. (for a party saturday) I had been fattening him up for a few weeks.... [URL]http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/2009/12/cooking-whole-hog-underground.html[/URL] Thanks for checking out my underground pig! Feel free to contact me for more info.. [URL]http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/[/URL]
  4. Cutting Up A Whole Chicken

    GourmetMagazine — January 23, 2009 — Food editor Ian Knauer demonstrates easy, indispensable tips to help you cut perfect chicken pieces every time. .[if IE]><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="640" height="390" /><![endif]
  5. Brinkmann Gourmet Low Budget Mods How To W Pics

    I decided to post this to assist other members who have been posting about temp control issues, etc, as I have been...this may help to give some insight as to what can be done and show how I did it to my Gourmet, along with a few tips I've learned to share with the novice charcoal users. The best part of all is that I did these mods with a budget of zero dollars. I've had this smoker for about 1 month, and seasoned it with a few mods before smoking. After smoking several different times,...
  6. Beef Cut Chart

    Just a few charts to help identify cuts of beef.
  7. Spatchcock Chicken

    Here's an easy to follow video on how to spatchcock a chicken. Some new smokers may not be familiar with this technique, but it does cut-down on time spent with your smoker,and you Can use your grill in an indirect heat method too. [if IE]><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="640" height="390" /><![endif]
  8. Recipe Quantity Calculator

    Here is a link to a very useful recipe calculator. I have used it numerous times, and it never has failed me. I've used it to cut-down quantities of rubs, and other recipes. Be very careful as to what you input, and read all questions very carefully for accurate results. There is the link [URL]http://www.fruitfromwashington.com/Recipes/scale/recipeconversions.php[/URL]
  9. Replacement Probe For Taylor 1470 Digital Thermometer

    If you're using an older Taylor model #1470 w/cable, you can get a replacement probe from Taylor. Here's the information.  Parts INFO------ Taylor Model #1470 additional probes are available at the listed price of $5.00 each. Taylor does not take credit cards or Cod, personal check or money order will do. Please when ordering please write the part number (#1470RP) somewhere on the check or money order. Please make out to the following; Taylor Precision Products 2220 Entrada del Sol Las...
  10. Fabricating The St Louis Rib Rack A Pictorial Tutorial By Bbally

    Lots of questions on fabrication St. Louis Style ribs. Thought I would put a pictorial together on the fabrication of a St. Louis rack out of spares. One of the first things I want to go over is the selection of the ribs themselves. St. Louis can not have bone creep (pull back) in the professional catering world. And since most the cutters we have right now in the butcher houses are rarely trained, and those in a chain grocery store and never trained, you have to know how to select the...
  11. How To Upload Images To The New Smf Format

    Adding Images To The New SMF Format... Adding images to your post has never been easier.  If you follow these instructions you can add images directly from your computer or from image hosts  like Photobucket... Prepare your post as usual and insert the images as outlined below. Open The Reply Box and Type Your Post. To Insert Images Follow These Instructions... First Next If Uploading From A Site Like Photobucket... To Upload Directly From Your Computer... If you have followed these...
  12. Usda Safe Food Handling

    Here is a link to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. I has a great deal of information on safe food handling. It covers:  How temperatures affect foodThe Danger ZoneStoring leftoversReheatingCold storage temperatures [URL]http://www.fsis.usda.gov/Fact_Sheets/How_Temperatures_Affect_Food/index.asp[/URL]
  13. Beef Brisket Trimming By The Bbq Pit Boys

    This is an easy going video that explains one way of trimming a packer brisket. Easy to understand, and not at a fast pace.
  14. Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    This was posted in 2007 by meowey, and was made sticky for good reasons...it is very accurate and informative.  The original thread is located here.  Enjoy -- mythmaster. Choice of meat: I use bone in Pork Shoulder – Boston Butt for my pulled pork. They range from 5 to 9 pounds. I find mine at Sam’s club cryo-packed with two butts per pack. Sometimes you can find them in supermarkets, or if you have a source at a meat wholesaler you can get them there. Some folks use a fresh pork picnic...
  15. Propane Usage

    I recently had a friend ask me how he could tell if his 20 lb. propane tank was near empty. I own 2 tanks so I don't really worry about it. So in searching for a good answer for him, This is what I came across from Wikipedia. The only accurate way to measure the propane left in a propane tank is to weigh it. Engraved on the side of the tank should be the letters TW then a number. This number is the empty tank weight. For example, the typical 5 gallon propane tank might say TW 17.2. The...