I missed Cinco de Mayo for this post, but the thought lingered on, so here it is.

I poured a thin layer of cornbread mix in the bottom of the loaf pan, and then layered some red bell pepper, then some thick bacon strips, a chile relleno, more bacon, and another layer of red bell peppers, and then the top layer of cornbread mix.

I baked it for 18 min. at 400°, and then I let it cool before cutting it open. The flavors were what I was hoping to achieve. The peppers and bacon were good, and then you get the flavor and bite of the chile relleno, along with the crunch of the crust. Gloria won’t cut loose with the chile relleno recipe, but I can eat all I want of them.

Thanks for taking the time to read/look at my Cali Cornbread.