There's been alot of questions about identifying the point and flat then separating the two, so, I figured I'd show my technique..

Here is a normal packer brisket. This weighs in at about 16 lbs.

Here I have outlined the "corn" or "kernel" with a piece of butcher twine.

This string shows where the point and the flat meet. The flat is atop right of the string.

Again on the other side. Notice the definate line of fat all the way around.

I like to remove the corn first.

Again, here's the separation line.

Cut along the fat from the top towards the bottom. If you start cutting red meat, just shift up or down to get back into the fat.

It gets easier as you go. Find where the fat meets the meat and your on your way!

Voila! A separated brisket!

I like to trim most of the fat from my point. It's purely optional, I just think the meat is marbled enough on it's own.