This pairs extremely well with Chef JJ's Smokey Au Jus:

This one is the best one yet!

There is soooo much difference between a Smoked Prime Rib, and one not smoked!!!

Prepping (8-16-2011):

2PM-------Rinse, Dry, and Score through the surface fat. 

2:10-------Coat with Worcestershire Sauce (Thick), and rub with small amounts of Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder.

2:15-------Cover with Saran Wrap, and put in fridge for an overnight rest.

Smoking (8-17-2011):

12:00 Noon-------Pre-heat MES 40 to 230˚.

12:00 Noon-------Fill 1 1/2 rows of AMNPS to the top with Hickory Pellets, and light well with propane torch.

12:30 PM----------Put Prime Rib on second shelf, and place AMNPS on bars to the left of the chip burner assembly.

12:30 PM----------Also cut heat setting back to 220˚.

3:30 PM------------Sterilize & insert Meat Probe in center of roast.

3:35 PM------------Internal Temp is 110˚.

4:00 PM------------Internal Temp is 120˚.

4:15 PM------------Internal Temp is 125˚.

4:30 PM------------Internal Temp is 129˚.

4:45 PM------------Internal Temp is 133˚. Kill Power, cover with foil, and remove from smoker.

5:15 PM------------Uncover, take pics, slice, more pics, plate with sides, more pics & eat.

Meat coasted to 139˚ internal temp.

All Pictures can be zoomed in on.

Thanks For Looking!


Start with these things. (Click to Zoom in to see price on label):

All rubbed & ready for night-night:

Fill (tightly) a little less than 1 1/2 rows of my AMNPS to the top:

This is the heaviest smoke you can get from an AMNPS, with only one end lit.

In my opinion, any more than this would be too much.

There are two ways of getting this much smoke.

One is filling it to the very top, as I did here, and lighting one end.

The other is to fill it "not as tightly", and not quite all the way to the top, and lighting both ends.

Here is a shot of the smoke inside. Todd calls this "BearSmoke".

Like I said, any more than this IMO, would be too much.

Some cleared away after I opened the door, but before I took the pic.

My exhaust vent is always wide open too.

Finished smoking. I just killed the power.

I called the amount of pellets needed pretty close---I figured I'd be close, but......................

Zoom in & see there are about only 3 or 4 pellets unburned.  LOL Shoulda played the lottery that day!!!

Ready for slicing:

First cuts:

Rib section removed for Chef---Later:

Other side of rib section:


SuperBearView!  You can click to zoom in & walk around between the slices.

Please wipe your feet first!!!

Wednesday's Supper:

Thursday's Breakfast----Leftovers plus a couple of eggs:

That's All Folks!
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