When processing or purchasing a Beef Hindquarter here is what you should get, the back (right) sections:

Loin, Sirloin, Hip, Flank

A little more exacting breakdown of the hind is shown in this diagram:

This further breaks the hindquarter down into:

Shank, Round, Sirloin Tip, Rump, Flank, Loin

You should get approximately this yield from the Hindquarter:



To expand on the sections, you should get from the


Knuckle soup bone

2-4 center cut shank soup bones


6-10 Round steaks, depending on thickness, or equiv. merchandised parts or roasts 

     (top round, bottom round and eye of round steaks or roasts)

heel of round and end of round for roasts, cube steak or stew

Sirloin Tip:

Sirloin tip steaks or roasts or equiv (silver side steaks, petite sirloin (tip) steaks)

tri-tip steak

heel of sirloin tip into cube steaks and stew

flap steak


Rump roasts or steaks

cube steaks and stew


Flank Steak


Sirloin, top sirloin (boneless) ave 4

Hip (pinbone) steak ave 2 

Porterhouse steak ave 4

T-bone steak ave 4

Club steak ave 2

From All:

trim for ground beef

In a single hindquarter, there are no pieces repeated more than once.  Someone selling a hindquarter and advertised as such, cannot sell you more than 1 of each part (i.e., it does not come with 3 shanks and 3 flanks and only a 3 lb. of loin steaks).  Many "Freezer Deals" sell you multiples of wasteful, low yield parts'n'pieces in lieu of high yield lean cuts so you are paying for waste, not meat.