When processing or purchasing a beef forequarter, this is what you should get, the front (left) sections:


Chuck, Rib, Brisket, Shank, Plate.

You should get approximately this yield from the forequarter:



To expand on each section, you should get from the


Chuck Blade roasts and steaks (or equiv. boneless)

Long or Short Arm Roast or Steaks

if Short, then Shoulder clod roasts or steaks

Short Ribs

1-2 chuck eye steaks from the 1st cut blade roast



Brisket bone

whole point and flat of brisket, trimmed or packer cut

fresh sliced brisket if preferred, or further processed


knuckle soup bone

center cut slices of soup bone, 2-4


Whole (7) rib roast or steaks, or boneless rib eye

Short ribs

rack of bone-in backribs if boned out


Short Ribs

Skirt Steak

Beef Sideback (fresh-cut) or bacon (processed)

From All:

trim for ground beef

In a single forequarter, there are no pieces repeated more than once.  Someone selling a forequarter and advertised as such, cannot sell you more than 1 of each part (i.e., it does not come with 3 shanks and 3 plates and only a 3 lb. piece of rib).  Many "Freezer Deals" sell you multiples of wasteful, low yield parts'n'pieces in lieu of high yield lean cuts so you are paying for waste, not meat.