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Articles from TulsaJeff

  1. How to Create a New Thread

    How to Start a New Thread

    To start a new thread, first select the forum that best suits your thread topic.

    In this example, a new member might choose the forum "Roll Call" so they can introduce themselves.

    Click on the word, "Roll Call"
    On the page that opens up you will notice a dark red button at top right that says, "Post New Thread"

    Click on the button.
    Ta-da! You are now ready to enter a thread title, the content of your new post, and make sure the preferences are set to your...
  2. Why Join Smoking Meat Forums?

    SmokingMeatForums.com has been helping folks learn how to smoke meat since 2004. With nearly a million posts and more than 50,000 members, we have become the premier source for all things related to smoking meat including other related topics such as sausage making, bacon making, smoker building, dutch oven cooking and even gardening.

    Join Today!

    Questions are Answered Fast!
    That's right! When you ask a question here at SMF, generally they are answered very quickly and sometimes this can...
  3. SMF Photo Galleries

    You may have noticed that we now have a special area for our "Q-view".. it's called Galleries and is accessed via the "Photos" link" at the top of the page.
    You will notice that it is divided into categories:
    SmokersEvents and GatheringsBeefPorkPoultryFish & SeafoodWild GameSides & DessertsBacon & Sausage
    This is a great way to show off pictures that we place into albums and it is very important that they are categorized correctly and named correctly to help people find them easier.

    Be sure...
  4. Groups Guidelines

    About Social Groups
    Social groups allow forum members to create "clubs" to discuss topics of shared interest.  It gives members with similar interests a place to gather and share information in smaller groups.

    Each group has its own dedicated group page.  The page includes a list of members in the group, a description, a dedicated forum, and a gallery.  All content in all Social Groups is publicly visible, but only group members may contribute content and participate.
    Social Groups Rules...
  5. About Jeffs 5 Day Ecourse

    Subcribe to the 5 Day eCourse now What is Jeff's 5 Day eCourse that everyone keeps talking about?
    Well, let me put it this way, now that I have written a book on smoking meat (on store shelves May 2012), the eCourse seems a little small but before I ever wrote that book, I wanted to put something together that would contain the basics of what folks needed to know in order to have success in smoking meat.

    I started thinking about it and came up with about 5 categories that seemed to make...
  6. Buy Sell Trade Rules

    The official rules for this area are being composed and will be available shortly. In the meantime a few general guidelines:
    This is not for commercial useIf you have something you would like to buy, sell or trade, list itIf you are a commercial business and would like to advertise your product on this site, send an email to [email protected] courteousIf you agree to a deal, keep your end of the dealIf you are not sure about something, just ask a mod or admin and we will do...
  7. Jeffs Smoking Meat Links

    Free Newsletter - Free smoking meat newsletter comes out once a month with an occasional holiday issue.

    Newsletter Archive - The archive of all past newsletter since July 2004. An excellent reference

    Free 5-Day eCourse - Free eCourse to lean the basics of smoking meat. Once you subscribe, you will receive one chapter each day for five consecutive days.

    Smoking Ribs - An article on how to smoke ribs using traditional methods.

    3-2-1 Rib Method - How to smoke spares and baby backs using the...
  8. Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

    No one has edited this wiki yet - be the first! The headings below are just suggestions; feel free to make your own.
    Related Media/Links:
    Add related videos, links to item guides, etc.
    Troubleshooting/Known Issues:
    Had an issue other users should know about? Put it here.

    The first few time I used my Cajun Injector the only problem I had was the heat control would off up to 40 degrees, usually higher than the setting. Yesterday I was smoking a butt for work and the heating element crapped...