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  1. How to season or cure your masterbuilt electric smoker.

    Seasoning/Curing your smoker

    All new smokers need to be "cured, seasoned or preseason” to ensure the removal or machine oils, dust, and other materials left over from the manufacturing process. This also helps in rust prevention. During manufacture, there are all sorts of petroleum oils and contaminants used that you really do not want to have in the smoker while cooking. Also this will remove any solvents that may be left in the paints used on your smoker.

    1. Clean the inside of the...
  2. Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Heating Element Upgrade How To

    This is a step by step install or upgrade to the older MES 800 watt heating element to the new MES 1200 watt heating element.
    With little modification I was able to accomplish this. I am hoping this will fix the heat recovery time on the MES when the door is opened.
    Before doing this MOD i would suggest doing a wire upgrade. Masterbuilt is still using the 16 gauge wire on all there MES's so apparently there not to concerned with the old wiring problems they where having.
    The new 1200 watt...
  3. Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Wiring Upgrade

  4. Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Models

    Model number brake down

    20070810 = (20=Masterbuilt) – (07=electric smoker) – (08=version smoker of that year) – (10=year designed)

    1st GEN (30 inch units)

    Exterior dimensions: 33.5"H x 20.3"W x 19.6"D. Interior dimensions: 34.4''H x 20.3''W x 12.7''D, 50 pounds

    ESQ30B older recalled, BLK door/no Win,* body, no adjustable damper, 650 Watt  HE, * WCT 

    ESQ30S older recalled, SS door/no Win, * body, no adjustable damper, 650 Watt HE, * WCT 

    BCESQ30B BLK door/no Win,* body, 650 watt HE, *...