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  1. How I do Pork Butt...

    Describe 'How I do Pork Butt...' here...

    I don't do a lot of prep. on my Butts ; my rub and Turbonato Sugar just before the insertion into the Smoker and leave the dood closed for the entire cook (i do  the one hr, then insert the Probe).

    I feel my use of wood keps enough moisture and pressure on the meat to drive the smoke into the meat somewhat(that chemical reaction to protien) , by not opening the lid , besides lengthening the cook each time you open up the lid.

    So, here are some...
  2. Keeping A Smoking Log

     '                                               Keeping A Smoking Log'

      A while back there was several Logs for BBQing,I have to yet find them again.

    However,I will endeavor to explain the routine. A Header will look something like this:

    Time/date weather    Meat     IMT(pre)   Cooking temp.    fuel/amt.   adjustments     IMT(end)    comments




               On and on;I'm sorry but I have no capability to make charts...:)- you should have the idea.

    This is a great way to...
  3. Oldschool Brisket Rub

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      As a Teenager,I would often hang out at Cousin Homer's BBQ Place. The greatest lessons I ever got and  the only preparation he made on his Briskets was Cracked Black Pepper and Kosher Salt.Fairly heavy coat of the mixture and onto an untrimmed Brisket.Place it on his smoker around 2pm and leave it in until 10am the next day-big 12# to 14# chunks.

      He also bragged about a 6 ingredient sauce that was the bomb,never saw him do a batch,but tried a few...
  4. Stickburning101

    Describe 'Stickburning101' :

       Being a stickburner takes a little more attention and perserverance.A basic knowledge of how YOUR Smoker works is premier to a successful Smoke.

       Learn where in the Firebox the wood recieves the best airflow;front above the intakes or toward the back of the Firebox.Learn to always keep the exhaust wide open . Your control is the intake at the front(mostly) of the SFB.Do you have a good draft,or does the smoke settle in the Cooking chamber getting stale?And...