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Articles from meateater

  1. Giardiniera

    I wasn't sure where to post this so mods feel free to move it. I love Giardiniera and after eating the last jar I wanted to make my own. Why ya ask, #1 cost, #2 ingredients to my liking and making it my own. I used all raw ingredients except for the pepperoncini peppers which I drained from the jar. So here's the list. I'll check it here and there until I think it's ready. Maybe I'll toss a habanero or two in there later on.

    Sliced jalapenos.

    Sliced yellow wax peppers.

    Sliced red bell...
  2. Tuna Grilling Marinade

    This is awesome for grilling tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, albacore and such. Take 2 cups blush wine, 1/2 pound of unsalted butter, 1/8 cup chopped garlic, and 2 tbs. fresh or dried dill, fresh is way better. Melt it all in a sauce pan and remove from heat, you don't want it to hot. Then take your fish and dip in the marinade and get it on the grill over some apple wood, before you flip it over dip it again. Put a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime on top and maybe some wasabi sauce.
  3. Signature Tutorial

    Here is how you seperate your signature into seperate lines. First click the SOURCE button and  type your text like this.
  4. Thin Blue Smoke Aka Tbs

    You can barely see the smoke, that's the idea. [if IE]><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="640" height="390" /><![endif]
  5. Pork Cut Chart

    Just a few charts to help identify pork cuts.
  6. Beef Cut Chart

    Just a few charts to help identify cuts of beef.
  7. Food Lovers Companion

    Food Lover's Companion

    Comprehensive definitions of nearly 6000 food, drink, and culinary terms.
  8. Nsf

    NSF was founded as the National Sanitation Foundation in 1944 to standardize sanitation and food safety at a time when the United States had no national sanitation standards. The three founders of NSF; Walter Snyder, Henry Vaughn, and Nathan Sinai, were two professors and a health department official from nearby Toledo, Ohio. These three men sought to develop standards for sanitation by reaching a consensus of the parties that had a stake in the outcome, namely the public, the business...
  9. Sour Smoke

    The result of meat drippings dropping on heat source and burning creating a acrid sour smoke.
  10. Smoked Cheese

    Do you enjoy smoked cheese? Are you tired of paying the enormous prices at the store? You can smoke cheese at home in any smoker for a fraction of the cost and you get to pick out the type of cheese and wood that you want. I use a small pan that i picked up at the restaurant supply store. I drilled some holes in the bottom for air flow and put 3-4 lit charcoals in it and place my wood of choice on top. With  a BBQ or smoker large enough the temps should not get above 80*-100* degrees. I...
  11. Lard Needle

    A lard needle is used to thread slivers of bacon, ham or lard through small cuts in meat or poultry. The added fat acts to moisten, tenderize & enhance the flavor of the meat as it cooks. The picture's below are beef country style ribs with slivers of bacon fat threaded through them.
  12. Hickory Smoked Salt

    Here's a Alternative to buying smoked salt with all the chemicals. One pound box of kosher salt placed in a shallow dish, a handful of charcoal and some hickory. I smoked the salt for four hours, stirring the salt every half hour. It doesnt look like it took on much smoke, however the smell and taste says different. Of course feel free to try different types of smoking woods. I used the egg for color reference.
  13. Charcoal And Lump Chimney Starter

    A chimney starter is a economical way to start charcoal and lump charcoal without the use of petroleum based starting fluids. The concept is easy, fill top of the container with your favorite fuel and use newspaper or sheets from the telephone book waded up and placed in the bottom chamber. Light and you will have hot and ready fuel in 10 +/- minutes. One word of caution, place the chimney on your top grate of your grill or smoker and not on the ground or concrete, and always use gloves to...
  14. Picture Post Tutorial

    In the first picture click the insert/upload image button. now in the second picture click the Image URL tab. Now copy and paste the "DIRECT LINK" not the IMG code and paste into first line and now you have your pics uploaded from your photobucket account.