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Articles from forluvofsmoke

  1. Wild Hawg Rub

    This rub is intended for indirect low & slow cooking only, as the natural sugars in the fruits will tend to scorch very quickly with higher heat, especially direct/grilling. It is a very unique rub for pork ribs, yet may prove to be a little "under-powered" for pork shoulder, depending on your personal preferences. It has a natural sweetness without processed/added sugars, and is mildly spicy once cooked.


    All measures are pre-grind, except if listed as powder.

    4 Tbsp...
  2. Blueberry-Cherry Dry Rub for Pork

    This dry rub has a moderately spicy profile, with notes of rich and zesty fruits. The blueberry adds a subtle rich and sweet flavor, while the tart cherry brings in some zest, with neither being the completely dominant flavor in the overall profile. The blueberry is not so faint that you don't know what you're tasting, yet not overpowering, so I found it to be a very enjoyable flavor combination. I found it to pair very nicely with smoked pulled pork from shoulder cuts, and is surprisingly...
  3. Wet-to-Dry No-Foil Smoke Chamber Method for Smoking Meats

    There are numerous benefits with using this smoking method including: eating lean meats for a healthier diet; improved moisture retention in lean meats finished at high internal temperatures; improved bark quality and quantity on smoked meats; improved smoke reaction due to removal of fat-cap. These all go hand-in-hand with this method, and can be customized to suit your preference. If you prefer lean-trimmed smoked meats and struggle with dried-out meats, I recommend that you consider this...
  4. Apple & Red Bell Pepper Rub with Pork Loin Back Ribs

    Recipe and methods used:


    (for 3 slabs of loin back ribs)

    4 Tbls ground dried apple

    3 Tbls ground red bell pepper

    1 Tbls ground rosemary

    1.5 Tbls ground black peppercorn

    1 Tbls garlic powder

    2 tsp onion powder

    1/2 Tbls oregano

    1 Tbls paprika

    1/2 Tbls chili powder

    2 Tbls kosher salt

    Loin back ribs, heavily rubbed and misted:
    Smoke provided by a mix of very small to medium sized apple chunks @ 225* in my Smoke Vault 24 with a full water pan @...
  5. Smoked/Dutch Oven Southwestern Chicken & Rice

    This is a great all-in-one meal for those die-hard smokers who like to keep the smokes coming all year long, especially during the cold winter months.


    ***for 5lbs chicken bone-in skin-on thighs (11 pieces), 6 quart brine container and a 6-qt dutch oven...serves 8-11 persons***

    Remove chicken skin and trim lean, leaving bones in for added flavor to act as a shrinkage gauge during smoking. This also allows for less restrictive cooking...
  6. Zesty Lemon and Orange Marinated Pork Chops with Smoke and Sear

    Looking for an easy way to kick up your pork chops? This has ingredients commonly found in most household kitchens...nothing exotic here, so have fun!

    This is a 2-part process, for when you have little time for cooling and properly chilling the spice solution after heating, allowing for a quicker method of cooling the solution with ice before adding the meat, all for the sake of food safety.


    ***for approx 6.75lbs assorted pork chops...serves 8-10***...
  7. Easy Smoked Meat Balls & Spaghetti Sauce


    ***seasoning is for 4.5 lbs 85/15 ground chuck***

    3 Tbls ground onion

    3 Tbls ground red bell pepper

    1.5 Tbls ground green bell pepper

    2 Tbls ground sweet basil

    2 tsp ground oregano

    2 tsp ground thyme

    1 Tbls ground garlic

    1.5 Tbls ground black peppercorn

    1.5 tsp iodized table salt

    1 package saltine crackers, crumbed in food processor

    Mix all ingredients with meat by hand in a large non-reactive bowl. I prefer to use powder-free latex gloves with this much...
  8. Cherry & Balsamic Wet Rubbed Pork Ribs


    ***for approx 13-15lbs, or 3 slabs of Spare Ribs, 4 slabs St Louis cut, 5 slabs Loin-Backs or Baby-Backs***

    1/4 cup 15 year aged balsamic vinegar

    1/2 cup water

    1/4 cup minced dried tart cherries (sub with 3/8 cup fresh minced, reduce water to 3/8 cup)

    2 Tbls dried red bell pepper, medium ground

    2 Tbls ground black peppercorn

    2 Tbls course ground dried onion

    2 Tbls dried rosemary leaves, medium ground

    1.5 Tbls minced dried garlic

    1 Tbls kosher salt

    1/2 Tbls...
  9. Cherry & Balsamic Marinated Ribeyes


    ***for 8-10lbs of bone-in beef ribeye***

    3/8 cup 15-year aged balsamic vinegar

    1-5/8 cup water

    2 tsp cracked black pepper

    2 tsp kosker salt

    1 Tbls minced dried garlic

    4 Tbls tart dried cherries

    2 Tbls diced dried red bell pepper (sub with 1/4+ cup fresh, chopped/diced)

    1 Tbls rosemary leaves

    2 tsp thyme

    1/2 tsp cumin

    Heat/simmer the above for 15-20 minutes covered, and remove from heat to begon cooling.

    Add 4 cups ice and water to chill and dilute...
  10. Hawg Heaven Rub

    A very good, mild dry rub for pork. I use this with Here Piggy-Piggy Brine.


    ****for approx 16lbs of brined pork butts****

    4 Tbls ground apple

    4 Tbls ground red bell pepper

    3 Tbls ground tart cherry

    1 Tbls ground rosemary

    2 tsp ground oregano

    2 tsp thyme

    1 Tbls onion powder

    1 tsp cumin

    1 tsp ground sage

    1 tsp chili powder

    1 Tbls spanish paprika

    1.5 Tbls gound black peppercorn

    1.5 Tbls garlic

    note: if using for non-brined pork, add salt as desired

  11. Here Piggy Piggy Brine

    A very good brine for all your fresh, previously non-enhanced pork cuts.


    ***for 2 pork butts, approx 16lbs in a 5 gallon covered bucket***

    2 qts water in saucepan

    1/4 cup celery salt

    1 cup sea salt

    4 Tbls diced dried red bell pepper

    6 Tbls light brown sugar

    2 Tbls rosemary

    1/2 Tbls cumin

    2 Tbls chili powder

    2 Tbls cayenne pepper

    1 tsp cinnamon

    2 tsp thyme

    1 tsp marjoram

    1 tsp fennel seed

    1 tsp sage

    4 qts ice water (mix into brine solution after removed...
  12. Overview Understanding Propane Gas Systems

    A look at the propane gas system, from tank to burner, and everything in between...

    1) LPG cylinder and contents: holds the high pressure contents, being liquified petroleum gas. The contents expand and contract with temperature changes, thereby resulting in changes in pressure. Extremely high temperatures result in excessive pressures due to liquid expansion and the higher vapor pressure of the hotter LPG. In extremely cold temperaures, the liquid contracts using less cylinder space,...
  13. Cherry Dry Rub Recipe And Process

    Included are 8 recipes for beef and pork: Cherry Rub for Beef Steaks; Cherry Rub for Beef Roasts; Cherry Rub for Pork Chops; Cherry Spiced and Cured Brisket; Cherry Spiced and Cured Brisket Dry Rub; Cherry Marinade for Beef; Cherry & Red Bell Pepper Brisket Rub: Cherry/Balsamic Finishing Sauce for Pulled Beef.


    (all measures are pre-grind)

    6 Tbls (heaping) dried cherries, hand-minced and freshly ground

    1 Tbls freshly ground black pepper

    1 Tbls freshly ground...
  14. Tutorial Sealing Mated Steam Pans With Foil

    I like to use a tented pan (or, in this case, for large volumes of meat, double mated foil steam pans) instead of foil wrap alone for 3-2-1/2-2-1 methods of cooking ribs, and also when finishing pulled pork, pulled beef, or beef brisket. HWen using foil, I have experienced problems with bones perforating the foil, causing those precious liquids to leak out into the smoker or the towel wrap while resting. I have used this for pork ribs, multiple butts for pulled pork, etc.

    Begin by...
  15. Brinkmann Gourmet Low Budget Mods How To W Pics

    I decided to post this to assist other members who have been posting about temp control issues, etc, as I have been...this may help to give some insight as to what can be done and show how I did it to my Gourmet, along with a few tips I've learned to share with the novice charcoal users. The best part of all is that I did these mods with a budget of zero dollars.

    I've had this smoker for about 1 month, and seasoned it with a few mods before smoking. After smoking several different times,...