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  2. About Us

    What Is Smoking Meat Forums?
    At Smoking Meat Forums, we are a community dedicated to the art of smoking meat. From beginners to pitmasters, we discuss our recipes for smoking ribs, sausage, chicken, brisket, fish, and so much more.
    Why Join Smoking Meat Forums?Talk with others about tips and tricks for smokingShare your photos of your latest smoker successGet new recipes to try outReview your smoker, barbecue tools, and accessoriesCreate lists of all the smoking equipment you useStay...
  3. Search And Advanced Search Tutorial

    Learn how to:Use the Basic Search ModeUse the Advanced SearchUsing Boolean Operators And Wildcards In SearchUse the Basic Search Mode
    How To Execute a Basic Search
    At the top of every page, you will see the search bar to search the entire site (forums, reviews, Wikis, user profiles, etc).Enter your search keywords into the search bar.Click the "Search" button.Your results will display on several different tabs, divided up by the different types of content.  The first tab will show all of the...
  4. Tagging Tutorial

    Learn:What is tagging and why is it important?
    How is the tagging on this site different than other sites?
    Add Tags To Forum Posts And Wiki ArticlesRemove Tags
    View Tag Pages
    Subscribe To Topic TagsWhat is tagging?  Why is it important?
    Tags allow information from around the community to be aggregated together.  They are labels that can be added to forum posts or Wiki articles to tie pieces of content together to make relevant information easier to find.

    Product Tags are unique...
  5. Add A New Item Tutorial

    Learn how to:Add A New Item To The DatabaseEdit A Product Description Add A New Image To A Product Page Edit SpecsEdit LinksEdit A Product WikiAdd A New Product To The Database
    We do our best to add a good number of products to each category, but undoubtedly we've missed a few.  Thank you for your help in making the listings more complete!
    Navigate to the right product category.  Start of by heading to the review and product page center here.  From there, select the appropriate product...
  6. Image And Video Tutorial

    Learn how to:

    Add Images To Posts And Wikis

    Upload Images From Your ComputerEmbed Images From Another Site Using The On Site ToolEmbed Images with Cut and PasteEmbed Whole Albums from Photobucket

    Create And Edit Image Albums On Your Profile
    Create A New Image AlbumAdd Images To An AlbumEdit Images In An AlbumEdit An Album's DetailsOrganize Images In Your AlbumsDelete An Album

    Add Videos To Posts And Wikis
    Add Images To Posts And Wikis
    Upload and Embed an Image from Your Computer

    In a...
  7. Subscription Tutorial

    Subscriptions are the way to personalize your experience so you can be kept abreast of only the changes that you care about. You can subscribe to forum threads, users whose content you enjoy reading, Wikis, etc. This way, each time you visit your home page you can see what has changed that you care about, without having to sift through stuff you don't. Additionally, you can get subscription content in immediate, daily, or weekly emails if you like.
     Learn:Add SubscriptionsView Your...
  8. Messaging Tutorial

    Important Notice: If you receive a private message or public message notification in your email, do not reply to the email.  Click the 'Reply' button to reply via your message center.

    Learn:Send Private MessagesAccess And Manage Your Message CenterWrite Public MessagesDelete Public Messages From Your ProfileChange Your Messaging Notification PreferencesSend Private Messages[/b]"]Send Private Messages
    Occasionally you may want to converse with another user privately. 
    Navigate to a user's...
  9. Review Tutorial

    Learn:How To Write A ReviewHow To Edit A ReviewWhat Makes A Great Review? Can I Review My Own Products or Business I Am Connected To? How To Write A ReviewNavigate to the page of the item you would like to review.There are a few different "Write A Review" buttons on the page.  Click one of them to open up the review creator.The review creator has a few different fields.  In order to submit your review, you MUST fill in a Review Title, an Overall star rating, and a Full Review.  You are more...
  10. Wiki Graveyard

    This is the home for articles/wikis that just didn't cut the mustard for our community. If you click a link that redirects you here, chances are the wiki you tried to view was:
    SpamViolation of Terms of ServiceUnoriginal Content (i.e. copyright violation)Irrelevant to the CommunityOffensive
  11. Wiki Article Tutorial

    Learn how to:
    Why Create A Wiki?What Makes A Good Wiki?Create A New WikiEdit An Existing WikiRevert A Wiki To A Previous VersionExport A Forum Post To A WikiReport A Wiki

    Why Create A Wiki?[/b]"]Why Create A Wiki?
    Wiki articles can be thought of as collaborative works which pull together the wisdom of the community.  Each Wiki article is fully editable by any registered member.  They are best used for:
    "How to" guidesIntroductory articlesLists or "Top 10" guides
    When considering whether to...
  12. Discussion Forum Tutorial

    Learn how to:
    Use the Forums
    Start A New ThreadReply To A PostReply With A QuotationEdit Your Post
    Rate PostsReport A PostExport A Forum Post To A Wiki
    Read the Forums
    Understand The IconsRead All New Posts or Help Beta Test The New Activity Feed!Use The "More Forums" Jump MenuGo To The First Unread Post In A ThreadMark Forums As ReadUsing the ForumsStart A New Thread[/b]"]Start A New ThreadBegin by navigating to the appropriate forum.Once in the desired forum, at the top left, you'll see...
  13. Community Profile Tutorial

    Learn:Edit Your Community ProfileEdit Your ListChange Your AvatarEdit Your AccountChange Your PasswordUser Name Changes Edit Your Community Profile[/b]"]Edit Your Community Profile
    Your Community Profile is the place for you to tell other members of the community a little bit about yourself.
    Navigate to your user page by clicking on the "My Profile" tab.Toward the top right hand side of your user page, you will see the "Edit Community Profile" button.Click the "Edit Community Profile" button...
  14. User Guidelines

    SmokingMeatForums.com (SMF) is a place for members to ask questions, share their experiences, and help each other learn while making new friends.

    We've got a huge community, so in order to manage such a large group of diverse people we must enforce certain standards and rules. Underlying these rules is the fact that SMF is a place where people of different backgrounds and ideas can all feel comfortable participating around their same interest.
    Be friendly and courteous to all SMF members....
  15. Faq

    Registration IssuesWhy do I need to validate my email?I never got my email validation email!I forgot my password. What should I do?How do I change my user name, email address, and password?Why does registration require my Zip Code and Birthday for registration?Using The SiteForums, wikis, product reviews...which one do I use? How are they different?Do you have tutorials on using the site?Can I search for information?Where is my forum signature?How do I personalize my Profile and change my...