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Articles from cliffcarter

  1. What does soaking wood chunks really do?

    This article under construction

    The answer to the question in the title depends on how much you can change the moisture content of the wood that is not in direct contact with the water. If you soak the wood for only a few hours the wood in contact with the water will absorb enough H2O to increase the moisture content of the wood in contact with the water and to a depth of approximately 1/8 inch, but the interior part of the wood will see no or very little change in moisture. In order to...
  2. The Bend Test For Ribs

    Many new BBQers post questions on rib cooking methods, one of the most common is "How do I tell when ribs are done?"

    Perhaps the most used method is the bend test. Simply pick up the rack of ribs from one end with tongs, with the end of the tongs at about the 5th or 6th rib in(slightly less than 1/2 way). If the ribs bend at a 45° angle or more they are done. 
    Ribs done like this will not be "fall of the bone", if that is your preference keep on cooking past this point until they reach that...
  3. Rib Rub Recipes

    About six years ago I settled on a rub that I liked on my ribs and have used it ever since. It consists of the following ingredients-

    1/2 cup of turbinado sugar

    1/4 cup of Hungarian paprika

    1/4 cup of salt free chili powder

    2 TBS of granulated garlic

    2 TBS of ground black pepper

    2TBS of cinnamon

    1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

    The ingredients-
    The ingredients mixed-
    Ribs cooked using this rub-
    Over the past two or three months I have been thinking about taking a slightly different...