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  1. On the menu 40lbs of St. Louis stile ribs and trimmings, two 8lb injected  pork butts, 12lbs chicken parts and a full  brisket.

    To start I did a 3-2-1 on the ribs, made pork burnt ends out of the meaty rib trimmings and brown sugar, butter, rub and foiled the long pieces along the bones. all turned out excellent tender, juicy and tasty. used Jeff's rub on half and grub rub and rub it on half. I'll be using Jeff"s  sauce when I finish them on the grill.

    Next up is the pork butts. One was injected with Cheery Dr. Pepper and Southern Comfort and dry rubbed with Grub rub and Rub it the other was injected with Cajun sauce and Dixie sauce then rubbed with Jeff's rub.

    I started smoking them on the top grill using hickory, oak, and apple wood at 225 degrees until they hit 143 internal temp about 4 hours into the smoking. then I transferred them into foil pans with 3/4 cup brown  sugar 4 pats of butter covered with rub then I poured Cajun sauce over one and cheery dr. pepper and southern comfort over the other and covered them with foil until they reached 205 internal temp. All I can say is wow! both are yummy. I smoked these on a 22 1/2" WSM look how far off the temps are off the one you see is the bottom the top is off by 20 or more degrees.

    I tried to get these pictures in order but couldn't figure it out.
  2. Hello.  GREAT looking food.  I'll bet all had a fine time.  Good job.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Hi Danny I'm not done yet I vacuum seal everything and freeze it until everything is done the result it that you can't tell the difference between what is frozen or what cam directly off the smoker. I get raves every year. I'll be posting chicken and brisket next and maybe beef ribs if I can find some meaty ones. All part of the party with all the sides.   
  4. I'm back from vacation and smoking up a storm for that yard party and some extra personal eats. I started with a 16 lb. full packer brisket injected it with a mix of Jeff's rub and beef stock then rubbed it with a 4 oz. bottle of Grub rub, and about 4oz. of Jeff's rub. Wrapped it in clang wrap and let it set in the refrigerator for two day, then on to my  my 22 1/2 WSM it went. Smoked with oak and pecan  at 200 degrees for 8 hours then transferred into our Electrolux oven at 200 degrees until it hit 195 internal temp which took 17 hours. then I wrapped it in clang wrap and foil then put it in a cooler packed with towels and a pillow for 7 hours at which time it was still very warm just cool enough to handle. The result is a really juicy, tender, and tasty brisket from flat to point it was melt in your mouth tender.    

      Sense the smoker was loaded and holding a steady temp  I smoked a meatloaf and two stuffed burgers for the first time ever. turned out good.

     Next was the chicken.

    While I am down loading pictures her is one that Jeff might be interested in. He is always suggesting the use of Bradly racks so I bought a set of them, but they come in sets of 4 and only one fits on each rack in my 22 1/2" WSM so I modified them with 6" bolts nuts and washers. you  see them in use with the chicken, they work very well the chicken turned out good.
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    Nice meal , I truly love big "Family" parties . (but to me , the whole "Hood" is the "Familia " .) my new word ( yes , I know it's Spanish) but I like to re-purpose words [​IMG]  read my signature . . . this one ends up as ' familiar neighbors that act like Family'

    Anyhow , Remsr , I liked you meal  , was inspiring that anyone else but me would toil over his/her smoker's like that . . .Kudo's [​IMG]  and I hope the party is a "Bomb" [​IMG]

    Later , Tater . . .

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