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  1. knifebld

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    Hey all,

    So I just got an order from Amazon in last night and to my surprised, I placed an order for Pecan wood chips instead of wood chunks...my question is whether I can use these on my WSM somehow??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. foamheart

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    Sure, you can ventalitate an empty bean can put some chips in it and put near the fire. You can put them in a piece of tin foil roll it up like a snake and light one end, if you have anytype of small metal pan or box thats ventilated works fine. I use them when grilling, near the end of the cook, I throw some on the dying coals at the end of the pit.

    I might offer here, I just wrote a burning critique on some of their western pellets and I saw and noted here that they were nearly giving them away now. IF those the western pecan chips like I recieved they were either over dried in the kiln or they are old chips. They are light as a feather and flash up ridiciously easy You need to be careful and/or watchful if you have the same chips. The were physically blowing the reload tube out of the MES30, it was a lot of fun for a country boy for a few times....>LOL
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  3. shoebe

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    I use apple chips sometimes along with hickory chunks. I just sprinkle them all round the charcoal and they add some nice flavor. I always start in the middle when I light up the charcoal, so when I use the chips I spread them out ward from the middle. Seems to work for me. 

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