Whole hog!

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  1. Had a small gilt that I did not get sold and she was the last one of that group so instead of feeding her longer I decided to butcher her. Purebred Berkshire! Kept the whole loins, ribs, shoulders and belly...ended up cutting belly up also due to lean and thin. Not surprising in the she was only around 200#
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  2. package the trim in 4# packages so can practice my sausage making skills about 5#'s at a time!
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  3. It was a family affair wife labeling vac sealed product...good thing the wife does not know this forum even exists...or she would kill me for this photo
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  4. my two month old son was at least cheering us on!
  5. 65#'s of pork ready to grind later!

  6. Several pieces of whole loins, boneless loin chops, one crockpo roast and ribs
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  7. Both of the whole sholders

  8. Lost a whole freezer shelf to my son's milk...😏
  9. finished filling that chest freezer tonight...sholders and grinder pork topped that one off
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  10. Got blister on my thumb from cutting 150#'s of pork tonight, bet that hurts in the am!

  11. Breaking out a bit of the good stuff! Living close to Tempelton IA a guy picks up a few pointers here and there from the good old boys!
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    Looks like you had a full day getting that done, but it'll be some of the best eating you've ever had!  Great idea on packing the sausage meat like that, it'll be easy to do 5# batches like you said.

    Also, I agree about the wife picture, mine would shoot me in the knees if I did that!  [​IMG]

    Points for the processing!
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    Third on the wife murdering me list! Safe to say your set on pork for a few days?:biggrin:

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