Which of These MES 30"?

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    Oops, sorry   - guess the images didn't post - the digital has the control panel on the back......

    Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30" Black Electric Smoker with Meat Probe

    Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Black Analog Smoker
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    The digital MES units have a chip loading tube that you use instead of opening the door. 

    I have a Gen2 digital and love it. From what I have read the Gen1 is a better design which is probably why I have had to make a bunch of mods to my Gen2 to get it working the way I want it.

    I don't care for the analog models but there are plenty of people that like them. My FIL has the analog Masterbuilt and puts out great food using it. It just comes down to preference as the digital are a little easier to use.
  4. From my prospectus the gen one is the way to go. It is real simple to tell them apart. The gen one has a top mounted controller that sticks up in the back, but the other difference is the hinges on the gen one are on the left the gen 2 has them on the right with a built in controller in the front.

    There are others differences  but this will identify the two smokers

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