Whereto Get Large Bucket for Brining Turkey?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by learnin2smoke, Nov 12, 2014.

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    I have seen the Q-View in several threads of members brining their turkeys before smoking, and I would like to do the same thing with my Thanksgiving smoke. The only problem I'm having is that the focus in the pictures is usually on the bird, and not the type of bucket being used - which isn't a bad thing!! My question is, what type/capacity bucket is everyone using? I thought I had purchased a bowl large enough for brining a turkey, but when I put the frozen turkey in it (still in the package so I could get an idea of the size of the  bowl), I found out there is no way for the turkey and 2 gallons of liquid to fit at the same time. Thanks in advance!!
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    5 gallon size.....Home Depot, about 5 bucks. Brick to weigh it down....50 cents (put brick in baggie) Fridge it will fit into...about $500 (just kidding)....HTH, Willie. If you got a favorite restaurant you frequent, you might ask them for a bucket...often mayo, soy sauce, kraut, pickles etc come in them and they have extras laying around....toss them some smoked turkey...win-win.....Willie
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    Thanks Chef Willie!
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    Lowes has food grade Buckets. Another option is to stop at grocery store and ask in the bakery dept. frosting and I other ingredients used in the bakery come that way
  5. Remember you can use an ice chest for larger birds. Add some ice to keep it in the safe range.

    Happy smoken.

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    I was gonna say at a Bakery or Restaurant , but never mind . . .[​IMG]
  7. That has been my problem most of my life! I NEVER MIND [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

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    I get food grade buckets at lowes all the time.
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  9. Sams here will give you food grade buckets but they never have lids.
  10. Depending on your finances you might want to check this website:www.thebriner.com/

    They do the job very well.[​IMG]
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    I will have to check that out. Thanks
  12. Most are rectangle.
  13. c farmer

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    Doesn't matter as long as they are 5 gallon.
  14. johgre078

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    Home brew shops also have food grade buckets.
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    Hi Everyone:

    Thanks for the great conversation! I think this thread will be very helpful to lots of members!
  16. If you don't have fridge space get a 5 gallon water cooler. Add the cold brine and some ice and its good for a few days.
  17. I put the bird in a large bag with brine, burp the air, seal the bag.  It takes up less room in the fridge.  I rotate the bird a couple of times during the bag to make sure the brine makes good contact with the skin.
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    If I meed one I'll take it home from work. Every year I make 15 to 20 gallons of pickled mangoes and use the two gallon mayo buckets because they fit in my large coolers.
  19.    I have a decent sized beer cooler I use only for this.  I work in a restaurant that gets 8" gel ice packs in with fresh fish orders and I save some of the ice packs in my freezer.  I put my whole yardbirds in a trash bag in a 1 gallon bucket and then tie them off and put 6 of the ice bags in with them.  For turkeys, I use a doubled trash bag, tie it off and put a couple of extra ice bags in and close the lid and they are good overnight and the temp is beautiful.  I could probably do the same thing with a larger bucket, but I wouldn't be able to close the lid and control the temp.

      If any of you know someone in a restaurant or grocer that gets fresh fish you can ask them for the bags, they are always thrown away several times a week.  Better yet, trade some product and they might help you with other things.  The fresh fish comes in cheap Styrofoam that is formed exactly to the size of the cardboard box, you could have some coolers on the cheap as well.
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    Just a quick update for everyone, I found out today that Firehouse Subs sells recycled five-gallon pickle buckets for only $2 each. All proceeds benefit Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. So if you have a Firehouse Subs in your area, you can get a food grade bucket very cheap and you can help out a good cause.

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