When Chickens Fly (Chicken Hanging Cooker)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dougmays, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. dougmays

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    I wanted to put this in the Smoker Builds section but I figured that's bending the truth a little :)

    A friend of mine messaged me online Tuesday and said "Doug, we want to cook some chickens on a rotisserie for the Gator game (playing South Carolina Gamecocks) on Saturday but we dont think we have enough time to build anything"

    Well that instantly got me thinking and in about 5 mins i got an idea in my head. I had seen on Man Fire Food on Food Network a contraption where a guy hung chickens in a circle around a basket filled with burning wood. So i figured why not just do this. I have a weber kettle and so does my friend. 

    So here was my idea put into "mock up" form

    And here is the first phase of construction. I need a bigger dowel but 48" was all Lowes had that was 1" in diameter. I'm going to hopefully try Home Depot today. I have one height setting at 14" above the fire (factoring in roughly 8" for the chicken and 3-4" of butchers twine). And i'm going to put a setting at 16" and 20" incase it gets to hot.

    Chickens are all around 5.5lbs. I'm hoping i can keep both grills hot and get these done in 3-4 hours. Any thoughts on that? I figure worse case if they are not coming up to temp i'll take them off and spatchcock and grill them the rest of the way. I'm going to hang the chickens opposite the mockup, dark meat down to get dark meat up to higher temp then breast meat

    stay tuned for cook pics at 6am tomorrow morning!

    Go Gators!
  2. c farmer

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    Looks like a neat set up.

    I will be watching.
  3. donr

    donr Smoking Fanatic

    Something like this would let you close the lid.  Not quite the same effect as you are working towards.

  4. wolfman1955

    wolfman1955 Master of the Pit

    If it's windy you'll loose all your heat.
  5. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    Yea i've done beer can chickens many times before...this was more so just to try out a new method and cook more then the surface area of the grill. Also maybe hang more rods in the future and cook more stuff at varying levels.
    hmmm that's a really good point i didnt think about...let me go check the weather! Darnit!
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Interesting , [​IMG]
  7. bdskelly

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    Limbo dancin chickens!  How low can you go...?  I'm in for this one. [​IMG]  b
  8. I have had a lot of good ideas over a [​IMG]. I will say this was not one of them. If the "Gamecocks" turn out well what's next?

    Happy smoken.

  9. In the words of Schultz from Hogan's Heros...." Verrrrrrdy Intereshtink" !!!!  [​IMG]

    Looking forward to some finished product pics and commentary.
  10.  I saw that episode. The chickens were hung from a long string around the fire so that they could be spun. A wire basket of coals was at the center. The spinning allowed the chickens to cook evenly. As the string wound up it would slowly stop and reverse. If they came near to stopping someone would have to re-spin them.

  11. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    Well results turned out pretty well! I'll do a few things differently next time such as hang the chicken but the breastbone to get a more even cook. With the current setup its kind of over kill because i could cook the same amount of chickens or whatever else on the grill grates but i'm thinking about expanding this idea and put hooks all the way up the boards so thati can hang multiple rods full of meats.

    But didnt have problem maintain heat, even with the wind.

    4 Chicken and one Pork loin tied up with butcher's twice. The tops of the chickens didnt get cooked so i had to finish them on the grates....hence why next time i'll hang them back side down, parallel with the pole. Use a SS Screw to hang them by the twine. 


    Everyone enjoyed the finished product! 
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