What is it...smoked, grilled, rotisseried, roasted?

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by albert rivera, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. These drumsticks were smoked, roasted, grilled, "Stationary rotisseried" on the SRG.

    Drumsticks were plump and full of flavorful juicy tenderness served with grilled sweet potato fries.

    I share with you what was shared with me by generous folk that taught me al little bit about cooking outdoors.

    Did I say I love to cook out doors?
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  2. That's a fine looking meal!  [​IMG]    It sure wouldn't last long around me...    [​IMG]
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     Sounds like good friends........ I can see its good food.

    Good friends and good food, so what's to drink?
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    Nice spread there ,Rivera.[​IMG]  I like wings too ,but I have no Weber , so I Smoke mine [​IMG]. I rub mine under the skin as well as on the skin outside, Gives me flavor in the skin , I don't mind the consistency.

    Yeah ,I like Fat [​IMG]  . . .see you and . . .

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