What does everyone think of Sam's club meats?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chainsaw, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. chainsaw

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    There is a Sam's about 1 hour from us (Wichita). I wondered about everyone"s experiences with Sam's meats-I know prices are good. I usually don't buy meat at Walmart any more.

    We had a membership some years ago but usually only went there at Christmas time. It was an hour away in Iowa too.

  2. Well Sams club and walmart are the same company, I don't know if the meat is the same supplier, regardless, I don't think the quality of meat is bad, but always check to see if your paying for prime, choice or select grades, and watch the prices, sometimes I find just because they are thought of as a "club discount" store they arent always cheaper than your local super mrkt, but then again make sure your are pricing the same grade of meat
  3. rbranstner

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    I buy probably around 90% of our meat from either Sam's Club or Walmart and I have always had great luck and have never had any  issues  with the quality.
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  5. terry colwell

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    I like Sams Club meat. I am like you, I have to drive a hour to get to a Sams, but I get Choice grade meat for cheaper then I can buy Select Grade meat locally. I wish my store had a bigger selection of cuts but ya cant have it all..
  6. 2 Sams clubs locally here in knoxville, i've had all good experiences with them but just keep an eye out because sometimes the grocery store has better prices for equal meat. just compare between supermarket, butcher and sams before making an hour drive
  7. boykjo

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    I am slowly beginning to finding better deals at the local food stores especially on pork shoulders.You just have to wait for them to go on sale......

  8. roller

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    I really like Sam`s Club meat.
  9. buy my meat at sams in colorado springs its better than what you find at the normal stores and the price is pretty good as well
  10. smokinal

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    It's an hour drive for us too, but we buy almost all our meat from Sam's.
  11. hiram

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    We buy all our meat at Sam's here in Asheville (WNC) it's cheaper than any of the local grocery stores even when they have it on sale. Walmart meats while they may be good are insanely priced even if it has a money back guarntee.
  12. I have had bad luck with their baby backs. They package them in 3's and they are very mangled, like the butcher didnt know what he was doing. However Walmart i have had some success with the ribs. They have been very meaty. Other meats have been fine at sams. I talked to a local butcher/meat shop and worked out a deal to get meat a bit cheaper.
  13. cromag

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    I have gotten some chicken breasts from the East Towne Sams club and I think their breasts are pumped up with water. The breasts are huge and always too juicy which makes me think their were injected. The butts, ribs and briskets I get there seem fine. Have you gotten anything from the Sams on Walker Springs Rd?
  14. eman

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    Sams USED TO be my go to place for meat. I say ,used to because now they are one of the highest priced places per lb on most meats .

    Only places higher are whole foods and a couple of the "botique" markets.  We have many AG and IGA grocers and they run great specials on beef ,pork and chicken. No one sells select and choice cheaper than IGA around here.

      We own multiple freezers just so we can shop the sales and stock up when it's cheap.
  15. In my experience, it depends on where you are. Sam's Club's meats are supplied regionally, as far as I can tell, with the suppliers being different, here in Virginia, even at stores two hours apart. At my local store (we have five in the greater Richmond area), The meat is not injected and is of dependable quality. In the rib packs, some of the ribs are obviously from older animals. The shoulders are not as pleasing as they used to be, because they used to be sold skin-on, so plenty of fat, but now they are trimmed to death. The prices are still well below the local groceries, most of the time, and the shoulders at the local groceries carry so much saline that they are salty. I'm getting my shoulders from other sources, now, but I still get my ribs from Sam's. The suppliers at the Sam's Club I went to in California, while on a contract, were completely different, and were trimmed and packed differently, too.
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  16. Taco Bell makes Select beef sound so good. [​IMG]
  17. triplebq

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      S A M E  here !
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  19. I get all my Briskets,Butts,spare ribs at sams .Prices are good as well as quality works for me. 
  20. No briskets at the Sam's Club here.

    The pork butts really suck!
    They're cut short so that's there's a large percentage of bone and over trimmed so they're not the best for sausage making without added fat.
    They do a real hack job on them!

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