What do I do with $1100 cash and a dream?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by delibsribs, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. delibsribs

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    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I have scraped and clawed to set aside some cash for a reverse flow smoker. I have $1100 cash in hand and don't want to wait any longer. I need to eat. I live in southeast pa just outside of Lancaster. I've done a ton of research but claim to know nothing. My question is , what should I do with the money? Anybody know anybody with a smoker for sale near me? Thanks for everyone's time.
  2. fwismoker

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    What ever you get set some cash aside for necessary toys like a Maverick, instant read thermometer.

    Don't feel you have to spend that much...you can get a great smoker for way less.

    How many will you cook for?
    Vertical or offset?
    Charcoal propane or electric?
    Ease of use or taste more important?
  3. delibsribs

    delibsribs Fire Starter

    Hi, I'm looking for offset, charcoal/wood, with flavor being more important than easy. My max crowd would be 14-18. Usual crowd of 4-8.
  4. Hello and welcome.  My friend FWI has asked the correct questions.  My friend I must tell you.  I have built 6-8 smokers in my welding career and if you are looking for a custom built reverse flow I think your are quite a bit short financially;  unless someone just wants to give one away.  There are many more smoker options out there for even less money.  You give us no idea of your experience so why do you have your heart set on a reverse flow?  Nothing wrong with your choice but just curious.  Keep Smokin!

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  5. Wait here.  Slow down DeLibsRibs.  I see that while I was typing my response you changed to offset.  Now you can have offset AND reverse flow but the two do not ALWAYS go together.  Why offset and why reverse?  I only ask so as to better help.  Keep Smokin!

  6. dward51

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    Every once in a while you can find one of the smaller patio Lang's on craigslist for under $1,000.  Don't stay on there long at that price though.  There is a program that lets you search a region or state and hit all the craigslist data for that area, but off the top of my head I can't recall the name of that program (actually it's a browser based app or web site).
  7. Dave I think you were thinking of search tempest for searching craigslist
  8. fwismoker

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    Someone mentioned that Wrangler were good quality and a good price.

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  9. delibsribs

    delibsribs Fire Starter

    Thanks for the reply. Very little experience. Just like the look and feel and smell of the reverse flow. I know I'm low end cash wise but I'm looking for a smaller used one in good shape. Would love a new one but realize with two young kids that this is my max. I don't want to spend it all just want to let everyone know my max. Thanks
  10. delibsribs

    delibsribs Fire Starter

    Hi, I'm back. I'm hungrier now more than ever. Just to restate. Budget is $1100. Looking for horizontal offset, reverse flow, new/used in good shape smoker. Enough space to cook for eight-twelve people. Brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, chicken. Thanks everyone.
  11. Ok.  Slow down here and we may be able to offer cheaper alternatives.  I remember what it's like with a young family and no money.  What we want to accomplish here is you making GREAT smoked meat for your family on a smaller budget.  In my opinion reverse flow is really GREAT.  But not necessary for providing great smoked meat for you, the family and friends.  There are several options.  A cheap Brinkman offset smoker ( round $200.00 ) will do all you want it to do as long as you do a few inexpensive modifications and learn to control temps..  From there we can recommend WSM, Wrangler, Green Egg and so on and so on.  Will you accept advice or are you set on getting the ultimate reverse flow?

  12. delibsribs

    delibsribs Fire Starter

    I love advice and I do realize that good que comes in many different ways. I do love the reverse flow offset look. I would like to only buy one smoker that is built a little heavier duty. What do you mean by the ultimate reverse flow? Cause if it exists I have to admit i would love that thing. I also love women with pretty faces and great bodies.
  13. smokngun

    smokngun Smoke Blower

    I have heard good things about Meadow Creek smokers, I personally have not seen one but other members on this forum seem to really like them. Best of all it looks like they are manufactured pretty close to you. They are in New Holland. Who knows maybe they have some used ones or blemished models.
  14. He said that he wanted an offset reverse flow smoker. Do a google search and go to the Lang website and look at the Lang 36. You should also go to another website called Amazing Ribs and read what meathead has to say about smokers especially reverse flow. 

    Do your reading first before you buy. Take a look at the market place. $1100.00 will purchase a quality smoker to don't get suckered into buying something cheap only to be disappointed and then you want to upgrade. Look at quality smokers with 1/4 inch thick steel and don't settle for less. This smoker is in your price range and will last long enough to hand down to your children.

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  15. fwismoker

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    Oh another thing you want to ask yourself is if you want a smoker that can go all night unattended or not.

    I like my sleep
  16. jarjarchef

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    I don't live near you so my guy can't help. But look around your local area. There will be someone who makes them as a hobby. I have a guy who I showed a design too and he was willing to make it for under a grand. Now when I told my father in law about it he looked at me and then all of his metal working tools, smiled and walked away. Needles to say I got the hint ...... so loom around and find a local guy and see what you could do to work it out. Maybe some old school bartering may come in handy....
  17. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    From reading all the OP's posts I don't see where he is in any hurry and don't know why he needs to "slow down"!

    The OP has been asking for advice and from what I have read has been taking it and has been very grateful for it!

    I don't believe he said anything about an "ultimate reverse flow" and from his reply I know he didn't and it sounds like he took offense to your comments!

    (I really hope your memory isn't that short)
  18. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I have used a Meadow Creek and a Lang in a few comps that I helped with.  Great smokers....heavy and they actually were fun to use.  Also...lots of times on your local Craigs list you can find folks that do build them for a hobby.

    Good luck...and do your research before you make a purchase.

  19. delibsribs

    delibsribs Fire Starter

    Thanks for the help everyone. I'll continue my search and try locally to get one made. I am close to where they manufacture the meadow creek smokers and have used one in the past. They are really great units. Well made and designed. They are expensive. They don't sell used/rehabbed. Once a year they have an open merchandise auction but the items are more of the huge type cookers and related equiptment. There are guys on Craigslist and I've tried that route already too. Lots of pictures and emails and phone tag...and I still don't have a smoker. I'll keep chugging along till I meet the smoker I've been dreaming about.

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