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  1. Welcome All!  

    I am proud to welcome you to a brand new group here at SMF!!  As some of you know, those of us that are North of the 49th have to contend with different elements, different names of cuts of meats and different seasons compared to our American cousins.  

    So on behalf of Bob and Doug McKenzie, grab a beer, or a Timmies pull up a chair and throw some bacon in the smoker and join us for some good times!

    [​IMG]   [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Us Canadians drink beer. I don't drink beer anymore. Of course I don't drink it any less!

    Thanks for setting up the forum.

  3. Greetings from Ontario! Originally from central BC. Not only do I drink beer, I've taken to making it as well.

  4. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You make beer? What did you say your address was?

  5. Welcome to the Group!!
  6. Great idea for a group, glad to be here if you'll have me. I'm new to smoking, and this site is amazing but I know I have questions that only a Canuck could answer ( where to find things, prices, etc). Hope to get to know everyone better soon.


  7. disco

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    I have found a few places for different things and I'm sure the others do too. Just ask if you're looking for something and I am sure we'll all chime in.

  8. cdnwildsmoker

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    Hello folks form another Ontarian!!!! My wife bought me a smoker for my birthday in Feb, it has been non stop smokes since........ wild ducks...... 12lbs turkey......fattys......goose and deer jerky........3 batches of cheese and just pulled off my first pork butt on Sunday.......this is a very addicting hobby!!!!! I've been glued to this site everyday since I discovered it shortly after I got my smoker!

  9. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Sorry, I am just a mere BCite. However, I have the same addiction as you. I find myself standing by the smoker, just to get a whiff. Sadly, we are all doomed to making great food. Welcome to the group!

  10. Hey brothers!

    Checking in from ontiaro out side of Hamilton Cambridge area just follow the smoke!

    True Canadian redneck
    Beer? Check
    Rye?? Hell yeah!
    Fishing, off roading, camping, kayaking,shooting, IPSC? yup

    Carnavorizum? Well yeah!

    Self taught smoker, all home build. I'm into fab so building isn't a problem.

    My progression of wood burners:

    Needed a larger smoker in a hour, two big racks would not fit on my old Q

    So a drum laying on my BBQ base fire brick lined Q racks on top and the redneck touch? Satilight dish lid lol!

    It worked!

    Ribs pulled forward to finish.

    Not the best for long smokes needs constant tending. But ribs and things? No prob.

    I made this beast up after.
    Alum tube base works quite well, propane starter. Had the idea the gas could be used for long smokes burning a log but temps didn't quite work.

    Two 3 1/2" pipes from the fire box up and one with a tractor flap damper out

    Now I want MORE

    I got this 30x60" fuel tank for a favour, I am thinking a RF, I also go an alum pan the full size of the tank
    Might use as the water tray. I want to make it removable so I can install charcoal grates to use the whole thing as a grill and another crazy idea to make it a stone wood fired pizza oven. But I digress.

    Found the site when looking for smoker calculator help take some of the error out of trial and error:)

    I'll be around

  11. eh1bbq

    eh1bbq Fire Starter

    Greetings from Regina! Originally from Northwestern Ontario. Glad to see a Canadian group!
  12. Greetings from Ding a Ling Ontario.  In case you do not know where that is, check the map.  At the intersection of Hwy 403 and the Grand River, I reside in that city

    Beer - No, makes me violently ill these days.

    Whiskey, never drank it, made me someone I did not want to be.

    Rum - the more the better, especially Amber

    Have owned a smoker for about a year now
  13. Hey All!

    Just noticed this group today! I've been hanging around the forums since I started looking for info on building smokers back in the Spring of 2014.

    I'm a Refrigeration and HVAC mechanic by trade and had an old 125 # refrigerant cylinder that I wanted to build into a reverse flow smoker. The folks on this forum were very helpful and showed me the Feldon's calculator. i finally finished up my build in August and ws thrilled with the operation. This is certainly an addicting hobby!

    I came across a WSM 18.5" at Home Depot for $170.00 that was too good to pass up. It was priced wrong, but they honoured the deal.

    I can't wait to get back to smoking once the weather warms up. I have a 12 pound packer brisket in the freezer waiting to go. So far, done a few beef roasts, some chicken, a pork shoulder, some ribs, and some jerky.

    Look forward to hearing about your Canadian smokes and sharing mine here!

    Oh, I'm in Mono, Ontario (North of Orangeville).

    Ultralow787 (Brian)
  14. Hi from Saskatchewan. I'm just getting started. Cobbled together a tube style smoke generator and smoked some cheese the other day out on my blacksmithing forge. Looking forward to some warmer weather so I can put together a decent smoker out of my odds and ends.
  15. smocan

    smocan Fire Starter

    hey y'all. I've been trying to post to the Canadian thread for about a year and finally figured it out. I'm in toronto and lookin to enter some armature competitions. if anyone has any leads let me know. otherwise hope everyone's having a smokin new year.
  16. smocan

    smocan Fire Starter

    Some practice chicken for an amature comp next month. Here's the start rubbed with my chicken rub and injected with butter and rub:
  17. smocan

    smocan Fire Starter

    Finished! 2 1/2hrs at 250 applewood and mesquite.
  18. eh1bbq

    eh1bbq Fire Starter

    Welcome Larry!
  19. big dilly

    big dilly Newbie

    Hello Gang,

    I am another Ontario Boy up in Wasaga Beach. I have been eating off of Webers for years. Actually I was introduced to charcoal cooking back in the early 70's by my neighbour on his 18" Samson Dominion Kettle BBQ from that era. My neighbour still uses it daily when they are up to their cottage. In fact he thought it was an Original Weber and when I found on the Weber site how to determine the age of your Weber that was when we found out it wasn't a Weber. Anyhow I switched from Propane to Charcoal years ago but still have an old Char-Broil two burner for extra cooking. I have 2 Weber 221/2" KETTLES, Char Grill Pro smoker and a Char Grill Akorn Kamodo.

    I love experimenting and smoking meats and doing large cooks for entertaining. Been doing this for years but always looking to improve my style and methods.

    Hello once again to all

    from Big Dilly
  20. smocan

    smocan Fire Starter

    Howdy y'all. Good folk here. Take advantage. Help out when you can. Keep smokin'!


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