Weekend of Smoke! - Part 1 - Smoked Chuckie Enchiladas w Q-View

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  1. We went up to Lake Monomopac on the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border to visit some friends of ours that have a wonderful lake house for the Memorial Day Weekend.  The house is right on the water and they take us out on their boat througout the whole weekend.  How do you repay the generosity?  By BBQing the entire Weekend! 

    This post is just for Saturday.  Sunday's BBQ will be in Part 2!!!

    Saturday night was pot-luck mexican night with the neighbors, so I tried to think of a way to bring BBQ to the dinner without being overtly BBQ.  The result?  Smoked Chuck Roast bulled beef enchiladas!

    I started with a 4 LB chuck roast seasoned the night before with montreal steak seasoning.  Pulled it out of the refridgerator at around 8 am, and put it on the grill at around 9:30am. They didn't have a smoker so I did the gas-grill conversion to make a smoker by placing the wild cherry and apple chips in a webber aluminum drip pan, covering it with aluminum foil, poking a few holes and placing it directly over the far right burner (after removing the grill plate).  I actually used the side burner to bring the chips up to smoking temp then placed them on the grill.  With the far burner between medium and low, the grill was running at a nice 235 degrees (checked with my Taylor digital probe thermometer).  Put the probe in the chuckie and left it, for a long time.  


    Below you can see the grill method produced a fair amount of smoke.


    The chuckie didn't reach 165 degrees until around 2:30 or 3:00pm at which time I foiled it and left it on the grill.  After a little while (and a small temperature drop), I moved it to the oven at 270 degrees to bring it up to 205.

    After the foiling, I moved on to prep for Sunday, including trimming and seasoning a 10 Lb pork shoulder and seasoning 9 lbs of baby backs.  Photos and process are in Part 2.

    At around 6:00pm the chuckie reached 205 and I lt it rest for about 30 minutes since dinner was scheduled for 7:00-7:30.  When I opened the foil, the chuckie looked quite beautiful.  Since the rub was just montreal steak seasoning, the color was all from the cherry and apple wood. 


    Grabbed a couple of forks and started pulling.


    Then I sauteed some red oinion with a little olive oil and mixed it in with the pulled beef.  The beef was so delicious that we did not want to ruin the flavor by mixing in the enchilada sauce.  So I just added the onions and cheese and started wrapping them up.


    Then into the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees to melt the cheese and we were ready to go.


    I served them with the red (hot) and green (mild) enchilada sauce on the side with some sour cream. The enchiladas were by far the most popular of the other dishes (which I didnt photo but were very good).  Other dishes were a shrimp chipotle vegetable stir-fry soft tacos, a ground beef mexican casserole, black bean dip and a taco salad. 

    The best part, was there were plenty of leftovers since I made around 19 or 20 enchiladas.  The next morning (while the ribs and pork shoulder were already in the smoker) we heated up the enchiladas, scrambled up some eggs and had our BBQ version of huevos rancheros.


    Thanks for all the tips from this site, the meals were outstanding.  The 165-205 method produced some deliciously tender and flavorful beef, and the enchilada idea I saw from someone's post about using chuckie leftovers.  Thanks to everyone.  The pork smoke from Sunday is coming in Post number 2!
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    Nice Job and a great idea[​IMG]
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    Looks delicious!  [​IMG]
  4. They definitely were delicious.  My wife said it was her favorite dish of the weekend.  I went back and checked the threads and I must give thanks to "The Dude Abides" for the idea.  I saw his post on his chuckie enchiladas and thought "wow" that looks like an awesome idea.  The fact that they were not seasoned with traditional BBQ flavoring (i.e. brown sugar, chili powder etc.) gave them a unique sweet smoky flavor (from the cherry and apple) combined with the traditional steak-type seasoning from the montreal steak seasoning that was great.  

    So let me say a belated thanks to The Dude Abides!

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    very nice job on all the chow....me thinks you'll be invited back
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    I also have been inspired by the dude to make those enchilada's & they are awesome!!
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    Great job my friend,

    Where there's a will.........................there's a smoker  [​IMG]

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