Water pan vs ceramic plate

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by rommoz, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. rommoz

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    Gonna build a uds... My inital thoughts were water pan...then i thought ceramic plate instead... Then I thought what about a ceramic water pan? Any thoughts on this matter? I'm a rookie looking to avoid big mistakes
  2. cobbq

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    Never used a water pan because I don't want the build up of condensation from the water dripping from the lid back on to my meat, and have never had any complaints of my meat being to dry unless I cooked it too long.
    My .02

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  3. wade

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    The "water" pan would be more versatile as it can be filled with either water or sand. Both will help with your heat management depending on what you are cooking. If you do use water in the pan, once the smoking chamber has reached temperature, condensation should not be an issue.
  4. 1wheeldrive

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    I've tried using a water pan under the meat, and frankly did not like the results at all.  While the meat was moist, the outside had virtually no bark on it, and I am one who covets a nice dark bark.  I've since gone to using a dry disposeable turkey roaster pan over the charcoal basket just as a direct heat deflector, but am considering getting a cast iron pizza pan to use as the same thing.  I've seen some 14" ones around for just over $20, but for a 22" drum I think a 16' or 18" deflector would be even better.

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