V. Shoulder Pt. II

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by richtee, Aug 14, 2007.

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    I have a more immediate need...by thurs. afternoon. My nephew has come home for a couple days after graduating Basic Training in the U.S. Army, and he's an avid deer hunter. Apparently, any big game he bags for the next couple years is likely to be quite inedible, so I wanna give him a treat to 'member.[​IMG]

    Have just trimmed all fat and sinew I could and rubbed with cumin, paprika,celery salt, thyme and cracked black-then wrapped and tucked into fridge...

    Wood? Mop? Do-wop? Bake wrapped or the "dry cooler" treatment?

    Any help would be MOST appreciated, and wish Pvt. Steven Smith of Ypsi good luck

    An update...all done. Yum. After resting in the rub, before smoking- I drizzled some warmed bacon grease over the whole thing-just a light coat brushed on to help maintain moisture. Had it in for 5 hours, attained 125 degrees. removed from smoker mopped with Jim Beam/Cider vinegar rosemary-thyme mop, foil wrapped and into the Jenn-air convection for 2.5 hrs at 250.

    Real good smoke flavor, meat was JUST short of "pullable", but that's OK 'cause it'll be re-heated tonight for the get-together.
  2. Richtee,

    Congrats on your sucessful smoke. Sounds awesome to me!

    Best of luck to your nephew!! My thoughts and prayers are with him!!

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