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  1. Normally fire basket sits on the bottom center, fresh air is blown to it from 3 directions.

    Only small portion of fresh air is used in combustion. Most fresh air by passes to flue.

    It simply lowers burning efficiency and creats more convention. 

    More convention simply make meat more tough or more rubber alike.

    Indeed there is already perfect "fire basket", the design of Kamado.

    Why do not we adopt Kamado burning method to UDS.

    Fire basket sits inside the ash box.

    Fresh air is blown from side of ash box via air pipe.

    the umbrella prevents grease from falling to fire basket to avoid grease fire.

    I built this UDS, height 17.7" and Diameter 17.7".

    I burnt 1.5 lbs lump charcoal, which kept the UDS at 230+F for 10 hours.

    Indeed I "pirate" fire basket design from Kamado, there is not any patent.

    You can use the design too when you DIY an UDS.

    Hope all we can share the experience 
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    Can you reprint your schematics in English so we can understand them, or at least eliminate the Chinese blocking other figures?  Not sure the principle you are demonstrating (but I'm thick anyways, lol!).
  3. maybe following pictures  can explain the mechanism than above sketch

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    very interesting.
  5. plan of next upgrade:

    1.already bought ceramic clay,  

    2.add 1" lining by clay mud around walls and bottom

    3.natural dry for 2 weeks

    4.fill in saw dust branches chips chunks,

    5.seal the top by mud

    6.open a few holes on mud seal as vent.

    7.light from bottom and let it slow burns for 3 days.

    8.inner temp. is expected to 600 to 800 C.

    9.done ! self made ceramic pit

    10.make extra 4 grills. use as dehydrator for fruit vegitable,

    11.there is another fan adapter on opposite side, for blown in more extra fresh air for ventilation for dehydrating.

    maybe need a cover on fire basket to prevent burning due to second fan ventilation
  6. Can you fit a brisket on there?
  7. grill size is 17' in diameter, how big is your brisket.

    This is just to give you an idea how it works.

    You can build your own UDS by 55 gal drum

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