Two chicks and a fatty :)

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gersus, May 8, 2011.

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    Hello everyone! First off, a big thanks to all those who contribute to this site to help out newbies like me.  I've been lurking for a bit trying to decide on which electric smoker to buy.  I've had a chargriller for a few years but I'm tired of babysittin' it.  

    I bought a 30'' MES from Lowe's yesterday and got 'er all seasoned up not long after it saw daylight. I know, a 30 would've been better and I was tempted by Sam's prices but it was out of my budget really and I don't need the extra room....(yeah right, lol).

    I had a couple chickens in the fridge and some sausage so I just had to give it a go! I oiled and seasoned 'em up and put them in the MES at 275 for just under three hours. Mmmmm, nice and moist with just enough smoke flavor :)  I was unsure of whether or not to put water in the pan or not and couldn't find much here specifically so I didn't use any water at all.

    I've only did a fatty once before and I certainly couldn't resist throwin' on one today since I had the sausage. I put some sharp cheddar straight from Wisconsin in the middle, rolled her up and wrapped it in bacon.  No fancy weave or anything, lol. I lucked out, the chicken and the fatty were done at the same time so I didn't have to open the door early.

    The fatty was AWESOME! 



    I'm really liking the MES.  Nice and easy.  I'll get an Amazin' smoker soon.  

    I'm really hoping to smoke up some really nice bacon fairly soon.  My family loves bacon so it would be great to smoke up a bunch and freeze it.  

    Thanks again, everyone!
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    Welcome to the SMF family!  Nice to hear you have a new rig.  Sounds like it worked well for your first smoke on it.

    Your photos were unavailable at the links in your post.  Just click on the "insert picture" button on the toolbar and it will drop your pic right into your post so we can all see (drool over) your work.

    Drop on over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so you can get a proper SMF welcome from everybody.

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    [​IMG]You are going to love the MES I do mine
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  5. gersus

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    Not sure why that didn't work but oh well.  Here ya go! Pics are a must! :)
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    Nice job! The birds & the fattie both look delicious!

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