Trying out a new smoked turkey recipe...

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by penningtonsm, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Hey guys, Steve here about to try out a new smoked turkey recipe that I've been thinking about (along with the help of others of course). I've smoked turkeys in the past, and they've always come out to rave reviews. However, being that I'm my harshest critic, I felt that there could have been more flavor in the bird. With that being said, there are a few modifications that I tried out on this bird.

    First off I always always always brine my turkeys. I think that folks who don't are really missing out on a invaluable asset to a most and tender bird.

    Here is the sixteen pound bird. A little bigger than I typically want, but it's the smallest I could find.

    Here it is in the brine

    I stufdes the bird this time for the first time. Used onions, bell peppers, and a apple plus celery sticks. Next thing I did different is I rubbed her with squeezable butter instead of the usual mustard. (acquired this tip from Johnny Trigg) did my usual seasoning of the bird and then injected it with my version of Cajun butter. Normally I don't brine and inject together but I was thinking. The brine insures a most and not dried or bird with adding some flavor as well, but I wanted to add even more flavor and I never heard of a turkey with too much flavor, so I injected it. (plus I love using my injector)

    Here is the bird ready for the smoker

    And here she is one hour in

    Here is the smoker I am using

    Will come back later at 165 degrees.
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    Looks great so far!!!  [​IMG]
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    Forgot to mention that I am using cherry and Apple wood and maintaining between 275 and 300 degrees. Also something that I changed. Usually I smoke at 225.
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    And her is the finished product.

    The white meat didn't come out as moist as I would have liked. I'm thinking I over cooked it. It's the only thing going I can think of. I don't think my meat thermometer is very reliable but can't spring $200 for the thermo one. The dark meat is really good, but that's pretty easy to get. The flavor is where I want it as well. Just a little dry on the breast for my taste.

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