Trying out a new method for Pork Shoulders:

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  1. I have a huge BBQ event tomorrow.  So I decided to get a leg up on my cooking and smoke my pork shoulders tonight.  I have 17 lbs of shoulder, injected with a Cuban mojo, rubbed down with Bilbo's rub.  I was planning on doing a regular hot smoke, however I was struck with an idea, why not cold smoke the shoulder till it hits an internal 70 degrees.  Then hit it with a hot smoke till an internal of 200 degrees.  Thoughts, comments or concerns... Q view up shortly!

    Equipment Being Used:

    Cookin Cajun Smoker

    AMNPS loaded with Maple and Cherry pellets

    Polder Probe Thermometer

    Smoke Daddy Thermometer
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  2. Remember food saftey...........You have 4 hours after you get above 40° till you get above 140°

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    Experimenting is always welcome on this site, just beware of the danger zone. Make sure the butt doesn't take more than four hours to get from 40* to 140* F. Otherwise, let us know how it goes. [​IMG]
  4. I agree...keep the safety zone in mind when doing this.
  5. It was getting a little too risky.. so at an internal temp of 60 degrees at the 3 hour mark I decided to just hot smoke it.  But it was worth the fun!  Thanks for responding.
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    Dont forget to post final results. [​IMG]
  7. with only an hour to get their you better have it kicked hard in the @$$


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