To Cure or not to Cure – Take Two!!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dano, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. To Cure or not to Cure – Take Two!!

    First I want to apologize to those who took the time to read my post and then replied.

    You see the Butcher that I used to do business with (past tense), steered me wrong! From my first post I spoke about this butcher telling me to “Cure†the meat prior to smoking. His concern was that the meat will not keep any longer than three days. Not being an expert with the smoker, (Yet) I decided to post the question here. I was then met with a one sided thread, mostly creating confusion.

    I went back to the butcher today and asked him just what the @!)) he was talking about. He then described his curing process to me. When he was finished I explained to him that most people that “Smoke Meat†refer to that as a RUB, not curing!!! And when he said he smokes his meat to a temp of 140 degrees, I knew I was at the wrong place to learn anything! When I left I realized what he was talking about. Not a cure like you would do for a Ham, but rather a few hours with a Rub on it will still cause Osmosis to begin.

    To Gunslinger, I apologize as well. He read the post, responded, read it again and realized that I spoke about a cure but posted a recipe for a brine. More confusion!!!

    Sorry to all.

    I will be doing a Test smoke this weekend with four smaller Boston Butts and I will post the results when I finish it up.

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    Not a problem Dano - we just wanted you get off on the right foot so to speak! [​IMG]

    Apology not required!
  3. Hold on there Dano! There are sooooo many different ways to smoke meat! Your butcher probably wasn’t wrong, just not using the technique you were looking for. As things unfold for you in the world of smoking, you will find a ton of techniques used to provide us with all these tasty foods we all enjoy so much. So don’t nix your butcher just yet, (a good butcher can be a friend indeed!) [​IMG]

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