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  1. So my next contest has a people's choice event.  The teams can cook whatever they like.  This contest is in addition to a mandatory seafood contest on Friday night.  My thought is to faux sous vide some filet mignon and serve as filet on toast.  The process is to start with a frozen solid filet, sear one side over a very hot fire in a cast iron plan and then smoke for about an hour to rare/mid rare, slide and serve on toast with a horseradish sauce.  Has anyone tried something like this in a people's choice.  The people will be attendees who payed extra to attend a private event and get to sample the goods.  I think steak is pretty popular, might stand out, and a smokey, rare steak seems like good eats.  Would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. I know I love a smokey steak. Sounds good.
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    I've never went with steak at a peoples choice, but it sounds good.
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    First off, if you mean Faux Sous Vide as in "Bagged and put it in a Pot/Crock Pot of Water"...DON'T...This is very dangerous and you are feeding Many Other People here. There is not enough Circulation to do the job of killing Bacteria in an effective manor. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish using Frozen Meat but it is not recommended. If you want Good Smoke Flavor, smoke the meat first then Sear it to the desired color. Searing first inhibits smoke absorption. Otherwise your idea is a good one. Choose a good rub, Montreal Steak Seasoning is a Fav, and find a good Sauce recipe, Horseradish is good or maybe a Blue Cheese and Bacon.... I would Vote for you!...JJ
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    Sounds interesting. I agree don't sear first, and smoke thawed meat not frozen. Just my $0.02
  6. Thanks for your thoughts!

    It's a faux sous vide.  Has a similar result without bags or water or anything.  There is a similar recipe from Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking (my girlfriend collects fancy cookbooks).  Cooking from frozen makes the meat evenly cooked throughout, rather than very done on the outside and raw in the middle; it's actually pretty cool.  I've done it many times in a very cool oven and you get through the danger zone and to rare from frozen in less than an hour at 185 degrees.  If you're interested in the original recipe the New York Times published it here:

    I'd encourage anyone to give it a go.   It's a really simple way to cook a very nice steak.  I think using the smoker rather than the oven would add a subtle smoke flavor but accomplish essentially the same thing.  The temps are very similar.  
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    I love to serve my steak with a caper cream white wine sauce! I used to be afraid of capers but now I eat them straight from the jar because of this sauce.
  8. I have tried this in the past and it's a tough recipe to cook if you don't get everything just right.  Best thing a I can imagine is you fedex a hot plate of the dish to me so I can do an evaluation.  Could you maybe send 12?  I'll be having guests over that night and I'm sure their input would be invaluable to your quest.

    Anything but bbq is a great category.  You're already looking at a pretty pricey piece of meat and seafood isn't any cheaper.  How many will you be serving?  Just the judges or a whole crowd.  I would head back to seafood if it's just the crowd.  They'll be getting their fill of steak everywhere else and seafood would be a delight.  Butterflied shrimp comes to mind, or a simple full Alaska Salmon with a small garnish of chuckny and lemon slices, broiled of course.  If everyone is doing beef, do something else and wow them.
  9. Only 12 folks over?  Surely you know a few more folks.

    Thanks for your thoughts.  The seafood portion is mandatory and the organizer provides the food (2 lbs of who knows what).  The people's choice contest is judged by folks who paid for VIP access along side the seafood contest.  My thought with the steak is to have a nice surf and turf thing going.  Perhaps a side that pairs well with seafood could also be good, though the old brain isn't bringing anything to mind.  
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    Ok...That makes much more sense when you read the Link! Steaks are fine...JJ
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    sounds good and good luck
  12. So I gave it a try.  The results were very nice.  [​IMG]
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    Oh man that looks awesome, my mouth is watering!
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    Freakin' Awesome!!!!

  15. Looks Outstanding!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. [​IMG]

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