Thought I'd use one of my CL dutch ovens

Discussion in 'General Dutch Oven Information' started by fastball, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Used the 14" to make some jambalaya, with smoked turkey and Mountain View Andouille. I spent the morning making it for lunch (takes a long time to make a roux). That which survives dinner will get bagged and frozen.

    here's the result.
  2. cowgirl

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    Mmmmm, fastball!! Looks great![​IMG]

    Instead of freezing that, you can just send it to
  3. Well, you can't be that far away.....We'll be having dinner around 7. My inlaws have already invited themselves over.....good thing I like'em.
  4. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member some for me then. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Spam reported.
  6. dutch

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    Okay, Fastball-you gonna share that recipe with us???
  7. ncdodave

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    You outta bring those ovens and your family to the NATL. DOG in Congres Az. comming up in October. I'll be there teaching Dutch oven classes and will have my smoker too. Maybe the two of us could do something special for about 200 to 300 Dutch oven cooks?
    I love making jambalaya and gumbo in my black pots! Especially in my 160 pound 22" maca oven

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