Thinking about turning my old stove in to a smoker with a side grill any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by maumee smoker, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. I have built a 250 gal smoker but im thinking about turning this into a smoker with a side grill for  doing smaller cooks and to have it up on my deck. I have seen the smokers bult out of other things.

    any thoughts or has any one done any thing like this.
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    Morning and welcome to the forum...... Glad you stopped in and joined us....    Please take a moment and stop into "roll call" for a proper welcome from our members....  /Roll Call/

    About the antique stove.... personally, I think it would be a sin to modify that beauty.... somewhere out there, someone would love to have that stove in their cabin or kitchen... Maybe even give $1000 + for it.....   Dave 
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  3. woodcutter

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    X2, there are so many things to use to make a smoker. That stove is beautiful! On the other hand it would be a cool smoker.
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    Hey Maumee,

    Sell it!! right now on Craig List , take the $$ and invest in a tank of your choice,

    just my$.02

    and  [​IMG]    to SMF,

  5. roger shoaf

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    I think a better candidate to build a smoker would be a modern self cleaning oven.  I suggest a self cleaning oven because they have really great insulation.

    The antique you have would be diminished in value by the modifications and in the end would probably not work as well as some other choice.
  6. I recently spied 3 of these stoves on craigslist with prices ranging from 150.00, ad said needed to have it moved from the home they just bought ASAP. The other was 600.00. The 3rd was in like new conditon and I think it stated in was GAS/WOOD??? Asking price was 1500.00. I considered looking into the cheapest one with the idea of a smoker and using the stove for the heat/smoke source and the cook top for other uses. I would think that if it was turned into a decent smoker, it would be just as valuble just by judging the craigslist prices. Just my 0.2 cents is all. 
  7. Thanks for the thoughts. I only have $20 in the stove it is just yard art for now. I keep looking at the stove I do not think it will take much to turn it in to a smooker/grill . Just think it will be a nice cooker and have some use with it taking up space on my deck. We do alot of entertaining and will make a good conversation piece too as my big smoker dose.  I have a large smoker will post a pic of it and I am in the procces of putting together my plans for building a trailer unit. Will be starting on that in March.

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    did anyone ever reply to you about this.  I am trying to do the same thing.  Grill on the top left and smoke from the left bottom to the entire right side.  or just smoke from the bottom right into the top right


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