The man and his chicken

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  1. This guy had this pet Rooster that went everywhere he went. He loved this Chicken just like one of his kids. One day he decides he is going to the picture show and he carries him pet Chicken with him. The pet Chicken always set on his shoulder whenever they went together. When he gets to the ticket booth the ticket operator asked him how many tickets he would like to have. He replies two, one for him and one for his pet chicken.
    The ticket operator tells him he can't do that, they don't allow pets in the theatre. The man is hurt deeply about this, this is his best friend, his only care in the World. As he rounds the corner down the block he thinks of an idea that just might work. He takes his pet Rooster and stuffs him down into his bib overalls. He goes back to the ticket operator and tells them ok I just want one ticket. He goes on into the theatre and finds himself a seat.. two older women come in and set down beside him. After the movie has been going on a while he realizes that his pants are really hot. It is really dark in the theatre so he decides to unzip to give the Rooster some cooling off. After all nobody will notice being it is so dark anyway. Out pops the Roosters head.
    After a few minutes one of the older ladies whispers to the other.... did you notice the guy besides us. She says no why? Well he is setting here with his pants unzipped. She reply awwww what's the harm, you seen one you seen them all! The other lady replies.......

    Yeah but this one is eating my pop corn!!
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