The first butt of many butts

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  1. I am about to embark on my first smoked Boston butt. I will be updating as steps get completed. I started with a overnight 2-1 salt and sugar brine. Rubbed it with yellow mustard this morning and applied my "custom" dry rub" which is mainly garlic and onion powder with kosher salt and black pepper. I added a scoche of sugar and sweet paprika for this go around. Here are some prep pics

    Got my masterbuilt 30" warming up to 240. Happy fathers day to all you hard working smoking dads out there. I will be enjoying my day thoroughly with some ruby redbirds.

    Oh yeah I am using mesquite sprinkled with Apple for the flavor.
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  2. In they go. Still on coffee but the brew is chilled. :yahoo:
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    Mmmmm.... they are looking good!
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    I'm in for this one ! Gonna have some good eats there ! Thumbs Up


  5. Jameson in hand and a few redbirds down. These butts are already at 190. Finished picks to come.


  6. Piece one is done. Larger of the two. Could it have been it was fattier then the other? Other piece is still at 190...

  7. The final inning. The whole piece is the number two piece. They some bbq and homemade slaw to make what my wife called the best thing I have smoked yet. Appreciate any feedback on this endeavor.

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