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    Now I know some are going to say that the title here is an oxymoron ... but I started getting into smoking before I knew some things but I have a CG duo which at the time the wife said sure as it seemed to be a versatile unit (at the time was not seeing the benefit of a dedicated smoker) .. anyway .. it's what I have. I have and continue to work on mods and I can say that I have it cooking pretty good.  Last several cooks I did I was impressed with how well the gaskets I added help hold the temperature much steadier.  I'm now looking at a control unit.

    Now the Digi's are pretty good from what I have read but I'm not ready to shell out that kind of cash .. I stumbled on the IQ110 .. and it really seems like a decent device. Same goes for the Auber My question is has anybody used the 110 on an offset? .. Everything I read was about one kettle vs another.I'm pretty sure the standard adapter would fir fine.  I swear I read a post here about someting ( not really related ) where the guy mentioned he had one of these on a CG .. but can not find it ..

    So I'm hoping for some feedback ... see .. my company does this thing with qtrly bonus for plant performance and we're due for one ... and the wife said sure go for it .. ya .. it was after I did my first 3-2-1 babyback ribs .. hey .. it's not like I got her drunk and got her to say yes .. well OK .. man those ribs were good .. anyway .. I'm hoping to hear from somebody who can give me a little feedback..

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