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  1. Hoser and DanMcG ask for sausage recipes. Hoser specifically ask for potatoe sausage.

    First, I am a USA citizen. I am a permanent resident of Sweden and have lived here several years.

    Potatoe sausage is a Swedish Christmas food. Like Lutefish it seems to have lost popularity with most Swedish families.

    Swedish Potato sausage (potatis korv) is a fresh sausage made with ground pork and beef that is mixed with potatoes. onion, salt and pepper. Most recipes include allspice. The proportions of pork and beef vary from 75/25; 50/50; to 25/75. There is also a wide range of how much potatoe is used. From this you can see there are hundreds of differen recipes for this sausage.

    Swedish Potato Sausage (25 pounds)

    1 medium cut up onion
    2 1/2 tablespons salt
    4 tablespoon ground white pepper
    1 tablespoon allspice
    2 1/2 cups non-fat dry milk
    2 1/2 cus ice water
    7 1/2 pounds raw peeled potatoes
    12 1/2 pounds pork buts
    5 pounds boneless beef

    Grind (3/8 grinder plate); mix and stuff.

    The potatoe is a filler. The potatoe starch absorbes the fat and acts as a binder.
    Salt acts as a preservative and binder in sausage. Because this sausage contains a relative small amount of salt it should be vacuum packed and frozen if it is not consumed within two says.
    When kept in the refrigerator, this sausage should be placed in a container and covered with water.
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    Thanks for the recipe Rambling, it looks interesting. What size casing would you typically use? 30-32?
  3. I've only made this sausage once and I used hog casing.

    35-38 MM natural casing
    32 MM fresh collagen casing
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    Rambling, thank you for the recipe....I'll be making some of that for sure.[​IMG]
  6. I have only made this sausage once and used hog casings, rated at 35 MM. This worked well for me. Therefore I would recommend:

    35-38 MM natural cacasing
    32 MM fresh collagen casing
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    Thanks for the recipe...[​IMG]

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