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Discussion in 'Beef' started by gotch, May 24, 2016.

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    Here's some shots of what I smoked last Sunday. Texas Beef Ribs (that's what they call them at the butcher) and a 2lb piece of whole strip loin I had left over. No pre- smoke pictures of rub, just used homemade version of Emril's Essence over night. A coating of olive oil prior to putting it on the smoker sealed the deal. 

    I sliced the strip loin and reheated in some rootbeer bbq sauce. Twice bake potatoe on the side.

    The strip was a little overdone but still very juicy, ribs turned out perfect. Very tasty!

    Strip loin "roast"


    Beef Ribs


    Whole plate for my GF

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    Boy those ribs look absolutely delicious!

    Great job!


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    Thanks Al!

    I completely forgot the cook setting, etc... I was drooling and getting hungry posting the

    Temps - varying, between 200F and 275F. I still had to turn the burner on and off the whole cook time. 5 Hours total cook time, 3.5 hours with smoke wood running.

    In the stock chip pan I used some chunk charcoal, I lit that off and then added my 10" CI skillet with 3 chunks of hickory. At 3 hours in I threw a handful of Apple-wood chips in the skillet.

    I wrapped the "roast" to let it rest and pulled the ribs off the smoker. Fired up the Genesis and heated the twice baked potatoes and threw the ribs on for a coating of Guinness BBQ sauce.

    Sliced the "roast" into 1/8" strips and reheated in CI skillet with rootbeer BBQ sauce.

    I was happy I had a bit more temp control this time around, but the burner is too high at its lowest setting. A gas rated needle valve is on order.

    I didn't use the Maverick for IT just box temps. I'm still having issues figuring how to set it
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  4. Happens to the best of them... 

    Looks great from my view!!!
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    Terrific looking food!

    I would love some of this.

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