stuffed pork loin, I need some inspiration

Discussion in 'Pork' started by krusher, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. krusher

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    hello, tommorrow is my b-day and I am going to smoke pork loin 2 ways, on one of them I am going to do bacon wrapped with an injection and marinade overnight. On the other I am not sure, its going to be stuffed, but I cant decide with what, I' am a meat person, so there wont be much veggies. I was thinking prosciutto with asagio cheese, garlic fresh herbs with a marinara and alfredo dipping sauce. do you think this would work?

    I want to go for an italian flavor, so if anybody has any ideas I would love to hear them.[​IMG]
  2. May sound funny, but try sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and cream cheese. I do chicken breasts this way, and top them with sun-dried tomato pesto (as a dipping sauce, or slathered over the top after smoking). I know there is no meat involved, but you could add the prosciuto as well.
  3. dutch

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    krusher, read this thread. It's my post on a Sausage stuffed pork loin. If you want to go for that Italian flavor, you can use either the sweet Italian or the hot italian sausage.

    Oh yeah-And Happy Birthday to you!
  4. nick

    nick Meat Mopper

    Krusher, that combo sounds great. The fattie I did last weekend had Vidalia Onion, Smoked Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese and Chives. The Sundried Tomatos sounds good too!
  5. seboke

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    Hey crusher, I hope you get lots of suggestions - you already got a couple of fine ones, but don't think for a sec that your idea won't be great! Had to wipe the chin imagining your stuffing! Fill it up FAT with the prosciutto!!!!!!
  6. tn_bbq

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    I'm not sure about the marinara sauce. I think I'd prefer one that's stuffed with cream cheese and herbs.
  7. erain

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    no expierience in doing this but if going for that italian flavor i would stuff with italian sausage of your choice. going outside the box here and something i have been thinking about but not tried yet, how about adding some cooked wild rice,(has to be cooked or it will pull internal moisture from the meat). and then adding cheese of choise. like you said, asiago is a great choice. wild rice goes really well with smoking and cheeses.
  8. davenh

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    Add some sweetness with some fresh cut pineapple [​IMG]. With your adding the prosciutto I'd use a mild cheese so not to overpower flavors. Spinach and hot italian sausage is good too [​IMG].
  9. abelman

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    I think the expert, DaveNH, has the midas touch here. Might be wise to listen to him and/or find his recent thread, [​IMG] .

    That was some stuffed pork and I'm sure you'll give him a run for his money.
  10. Traditionally you can do pork with an apple sausage stuffing, sage and rosemary are great herbs to go with this as well... just a thought from a NY I-Talian.
  11. queteepie

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    Happy Birthday Krusher!!!! My personal favorite is coating peeled and sliced sweet potatoes in cinnamon and roasting them in an oven with some peeled sliced and cored apples. Once they are tender, roll them up inside the pork loin! YUMM! I have never done this on a smoker yet, but if it works in an oven, it's bound to be even better on the smoker!!!!

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