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  1. Guess the roll call was the last time I posted anything, but I sure have been reading, building and smoking. A fellow fireman brother got me into smoking over a year ago, and after borrowing his homemade smoker, I located me an old LP tank. My son and me have been working on it since late winter, finally finishing it 5 weeks ago. Cleaned and seasoned it the first week-end, smoked the next three week-ends, entered our local KCBS cook off, and pulled another all nighter this last weekend. Yea, my old smoker is and horizontal LP tank, 36 inch by 96 inches. My father-in-law gave me an old Combustion-aire wood heater which we cut and wielded into one end. I made a flow thru design with a full 6 inch steel pipe as the flue rising about 4 feet on the other end. Has two grills inside with around 35 square feet total cooking area. Mounted it on a 8 X 12 trailer making it big, heavy and portable. I got to get my kids to make pictures for ya'll to comment and see.
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    Sounds like a great build! Got any pics of that bad boy?
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    roll tide!
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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. I'm looking forward to seeing some qview. [​IMG]

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