Starting my first shoulder for pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by fisher6688, May 29, 2014.

  1. Let the journey begin. I'll be asking for advice throughout. Going to smoke it at 225-275. My temps fluctuate on my wrangler. Wrap it at 170 and either oven it at 250 and take it out at 200 degrees internal.
  2. This is a picnic. I took the skin off. Unfortunately this picnic wasn't very marbled so we will see how juicy it becomes
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    Good plan. Should work great. I did both picnic and butt (at the same time), but I ran the smoker hotter to save time.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks! And I might run it hotter in a little since it's a 8.95 lb picnic. Although the skin must've weighed almost a lb or more. So dinner time is around 7 or 8. Cutting close
  6. The picnic has more connective tissue than a butt - you shouldn't have any moisture issues with it. That being said a lot of them need to cook a little longer than a butt. Instead of just pulling it when it hits 200 do a poke test to make sure it is done - I have had to take picnics to a higher IT than 200 before they were done...
  7. Okay I will do the poke test for sure. But I'll start testing at 200
  8. Shoot I forgot about the rest period of an hour or more. It's ok. I'm still experimenting and dinner is not solely based on this pork haha
  9. Yes it is - might want to consider the possibility of eating a little later if that is an option  [​IMG]  
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    IS this for tonight? It's difficult scheduling dinner around a butt/picnic smoke. Much easier and less stressful smoking ahead of time and reheat. Or start really early and keep the meat wrapped in a cooler if finished faster than expected. You can rest it for many hours before you pull it.

    But I guess this is irrelevant if you were counting on it for tonight's dinner. Crank the heat up and make sure you foil. I would do the oven stage hotter than 250.

    Don't pull it out early- you will be disappointed.
  11. I can use this for tomorrow or whenever. They know I been just tinkering with my first smoker!
  12. That would be better - you can't rush a picnic & it can be hard to explain that to a hungry family...
  13. Yes for sure. I really intended to start this thing early this morning. Unfortunately I had to run to my college to turn in paperwork.
  14. Well there is one thing that we know for sure - whenever it does get done you will have some great food to eat  [​IMG]
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    I hate when life gets in the way of smoking. :)
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  16. Yes this is true. By the way I'm cruising along. I'm at 113 IMT. Still smoking from 225-270 so far. Using oak. I'm getting used to how much wood my firebox likes to keep a steady low temp
  17. alright i thought i was at 170 IT but my cheapo 9 dollar digital was faking me out. i put the other thermo in there and it was at 149. this is probably why i wrapped my first brisket too early haha. i have the maverick et733 on the way in the mail. cant wait. 
  19. Is the thermometer you are using now a known good one? Did you check either of them for accuracy in boiling water or an ice bath?
  20. it is an accu rite from academy. it was 20 something bucks but i think its because it has the wireless pager. i did not boil or ice bath test. i will on my maverick when it gets here. so 212 for boiling and what about the ice bath? near 32?

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