squash and zuchinni

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by tybo6, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. tybo6

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    We planted squash and zuch's in the garden this yr.......usually we bake or pan fry with a lil bacon and mushrooms with some garlic and other things......Decided to try on the smoke.......cut em in half and brushed with some garlic butter laid em on the smoke........didnt turn out very good....wonderin if it was the wood......mesquite........any help on smokin squash and zuch's b appreciated...pretty sure it was the squite but not sure......can the even be done on smoke?
  2. dforbes

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    not really smoked but cooked on smoker. Take a large piece of alluminuim foil lay it out. Layer zukini,parmasan cheese butter salt and pepper,usually have 4 or five layers wrap it up tight and throw on a grill or smoker, cook until tender. good eats
  3. davenh

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    I did some zucchini in the smoker and wasn't a fan. Decided the zucchini is best cut thick, rubbed with some evoo, a little garlic salt then onto the grill. Can't beat it [​IMG].


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