Spit roasted greek Style Pork + Lamb Kebabs

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  1. Today my dish was first "Spit roasted greek style Pork" from a special Pork  from Spain, we called " Porco Iberico" and than Lamb Kebabs.


    Is a perfect quality, very tasty, juicy and of course, fatty [​IMG]






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    Very impressive bit of pork,lovely marbling & a very good beer.[​IMG].Those Czechs invented pilsener & never looked back.I cant read the label in full but figure its the same one that gets shipped here[​IMG]for discerning beer drinkers.Great meal. Gosser from Austria also very nice& Paulener  & a few others.
  3. That looks excellent, John!  I love cooking meat on a spit over hot coals.... great job for sure.

    And as for the original Budweiser...ja ja...  das ist ausgezeichnetes bier!  Prost!

  4. kitt

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    Looks Awesome

    What is it wrapped in? Looks homemade and delicious!
  5. John, you probably know this, but I thought I'd pass it along just in case you're not aware of this sauce.  When I do pork or lamb like that (on the rod) I like to wrap it in pita or Syrian bread, similar to your presentation above.  We also love to put tzatziki sauce on them.  I was made aware of tzatziki by a close Greek friend who gave me his family recipe for this sauce.  I don't have his exact recipe handy but the following is very close.  Thought you might be interested in giving it a try if you've never had it.  It really compliments lamb and pork cooked like this.


  6. Hi, thank you for your recipe. Not every dish from Greek is with Tzaziki. We can buy it in every food store, but i do not like it for any time. You can eat it here at every house warming party or other party's like this. My "bread" is just a pan cake, I love this and i can add some fresh herbs, onions or other stuff.

  7. Is just a pan cake [​IMG]
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    It looks delicious!

    Great looking meal!
  9. venture

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    Beautiful presentation and awesome pics!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    What a great idea I have to try this.  Thanks for sharing it.
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    That looks tasty. My Father in law loves that Budweiser Budvar beer. He has been raving about it ever since he went to visit my brother in law in Prague last year.
  12. Those look very tasty. That is the original Budweiser. A-B stole the name some underhanded "legal" way. They threatened to sue Budvar for using the name they invented. Didn't work out. Thankfully. One of the many reason I boycott A-B products.
  13. rbranstner

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    That's what my father in law was telling me.
  14. That's some quality looking pork and lamb! I love the pancake idea, now is that like our breakfast pancakes here in the US or more bread like?

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